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Life’s a Beach (really, it is!)

Experience has shown me that everything in my life is a metaphor FOR my life. If I pay attention and just ask myself the question, “What is this trying to teach me”, I find myself learning from the situation. Yesterday I was walking on my favorite beach on the island of Anagada, in the British Virgin Islands. This particular beach is on the windward side of the island and therefore, gets many of the treasures of the sea washed upon it’s shores, from beautiful sea shells and sea fans, to sneakers and beer bottles. I went for a walk, in… Read more.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

Maybe I’m just stuck on this title because I’m going on vacation in the morning. Maybe it’s because I’m going sailing in the Caribbean and I’m just getting into the attitude of the islands. Or, maybe it’s just what I need to hear right now too. Just a few days ago, I was walking on Pearl Street in downtown Boulder, CO. There’s a section of sidewalk in front of the courthouse with “jumping water”. This is where water jumps out of holes in the sidewalk and shoots into the air. The atmosphere was quite festive with a lot of little… Read more.

Inspired Interview: Bruce Painter

Pop Quiz

POP QUIZ I had an experience several years ago that highlighted every major principle I talk about in my work. My husband Gay and I were about to go on tour for our new relationship book, The Conscious Heart. In it we explore the primary commitment to learn from every relationship interaction, no matter how seemingly trivial or huge. We wrote at some length about choosing to see who people really are, their essence, rather than making ourselves right, avoiding learning and repeating old patterns. We’d noticed that living this commitment created magic and turned potential power struggles into exciting… Read more.

What’s in Your Closet?

Often we have a special occasion coming up and want to look fabulous. Then the panic of “What do I wear?” begins. For my special occasion I want a new outfit that fits me perfectly and when I put it on, I feel beautiful! I went to Bonnie, a talented wardrobe consultant at Tres Bon, in Boulder, and hired her to help me find just the right thing. She asked questions about the look I was trying to create. She also asked what was already in my closet and I told her she didn’t want to know. Bonnie was trying… Read more.

You Get What You Think You’re Going to Get

I have a friend named Jamie who lives in a medium sized city where she doesn’t feel like she belongs, but she can’t relocate yet because of her husband’s work. For the last two years she’s tried to meet people but is convinced that there are no “cool people like her” in the entire city. My good friend Tom, who is really great, lives in the same area so yesterday I introduced them on the telephone and they set up a time to meet for coffee. Jamie agreed to meet with Tom because she really wants to meet new friends,… Read more.

Inspired Interview: Melissa Zollo

Inspired Interview: Sheri McConnell

Someday is NOW!

What’s in your someday basket? Today I talked with several different people who all talked about what they were going to do “someday”. By the fourth person, it hit me. I know when today is. I know when yesterday was. I even know when tomorrow will be. But, when is someday? According to the dictionary, someday is “at an indefinite future time.” For far too many, it is an elusive day that may never come. Could someday be the day after my funeral? Could someday be today? I have things that I want to do… someday. Someday I’m going to… Read more.

Only a piece of the puzzle…

Did you ever watch a child put a jigsaw puzzle together? What’s the first thing that they do after dumping the pieces from the box? Come on, you remember don’t you? They’ll look at the picture on the front of the box so they know what the finished product will look like, right? We’ve all heard about the importance of focus and keeping our eye on the end goal in order to get there. But how many times do we focus on just the piece that we happened to pick up that day rather than focusing on the photo on… Read more.

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