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How Are You Going To Do That?

Most people believe that they haven’t reached their dream because they don’t know how to do it. The bigger the idea and the dream, the bigger the HOW! For many people, just three little letters H-O-W can become a gigantic mountain in the path. In May, my husband and I will depart in a small prop plane, to fly 31,000 miles around the world, stopping in more than 45 cities in 41 countries to deliver at least 2,000 hugs per location- literally wrapping the world with 100,000 hugs. On this Global Hug Tour, we’ll gather inspiration and share an estimated… Read more.

Inspired Interview: Justin Sachs

Inspired Interview: Bob Urichuck

Life Below the Surface

Being in a sailboat in the middle of a stormy sea isn’t my favorite thing to do. Last week I was sailing in the British Virgin Islands during a very windy day at sea. We had to cover nearly 15 miles, with the seas averaging 8-11′ swells, complete with huge crashing-rocking-and-rolling waves and high winds. We had our friends Arielle and Brian with us on the boat and although they were great troopers, there came a point when it wasn’t as fun as the first 15 minutes in rough seas. At some point the waves were bigger than the boat…. Read more.

Inspired Interview: Becca Robison

Inspired Interview: Kirsty Dunphey

Inspired Interview: Louis Lautman


I’m writing this to you from our sailboat, appropriately named Abundance, in the British Virgin Islands, to share a lesson I learned today from the ocean. This afternoon I spent about two hours walking alone on my favorite beach, Flash of Beauty beach, on the remote island of Anegada. I was walking a deserted stretch of beach looking for treasures- seashells. This specific beach holds great magic for me each time I visit. Not only is the beauty unparalleled, but there is a special energy I feel when I visit here, almost as if this beach talks to me. I… Read more.

Inspired Interview: Michelle Casto

Inspired Interview: Zach Gooding

Playing for the Yahtzee in Life!

Yesterday we had very strong winds that kept us boat bound in the evening. It was almost like curling up by the fireplace on a cold winter night. Almost. Except for the continual rocking of the boat. We spent the evening playing cards and Power Yahtzee on board the boat with the family. I’ve played Yahtzee before, but not Power Yatzee. My son-in-law, Josh, who brought the game explained the rules to us throughout the game, as it required more strategy then just plain Yahtzee. He said, “Remember the name of the game is Yahtzee, so that’s the goal each… Read more.

Inspired Interview: Nancy Solari

Inspired Interview: Chris Brogan

Inspired Interview: Michael McKeller

What’s Your State of Mind?

Let’s play a little game of word association. I’m going to say a word and I want you to think of the first thing that comes into your mind. You folks in the northeast are really going to enjoy this. Are you ready? Just after you read the word, close your eyes and feel the feeling… okay, ready? Here’s the word… summer. Are you smiling yet? I’m writing this on an airplane, flying to the Caribbean. I couldn’t help but notice the screen on the in-flight monitor of my Jet Blue flight, advertising Orlando (visitOrlando.com). The slogan of their ad… Read more.

Inspired Interview: Aishwarya Venkataraman

Global Hug Tour Launch Date Changed to 9/09/09

The past month has been a difficult struggle between priorities and commitments. About a month after we announced the launch of the Global Hug Tour, leaving in May of 2009, my daughter Carly informed us that she and her husband are expecting their first child. Woohoo! I’m going to be a grandmother! That’s so cool! We’re elated, as this is also our first grandchild. However, the timing created a quandary for us, as the baby is due in late August, a month before we were to return from the Global Hug Tour, previously scheduled from May-September. This is my only… Read more.

Take Action on Your Dreams!

I was privileged to recently attend the filming of Beyond the Secret as a guest of my friend Marcia Weider. We are proud to have her as the luminary today on Inspire Me Today. When you read her Today’s Brilliance you’ll see how she helps people do the most important thing possible- live the life of their dreams and get into action. This was also the key message I saw being taught in ‘Beyond the Secret’.  Taking action is simply the most important thing you can do to improve your life. Without taking action you’ll find that year after year your… Read more.


One morning a few weeks ago I made a list of three things to accomplish that day. The first was to find a way to connect with a large corporation, the second was to connect with a major non-profit and the third was to resolve how to do a joint venture with a mentor I’d never met. I thought about ways to make these things happen and not finding an easy solution, I put them aside. I went about my morning, taking baby steps toward my goal as if the three things had already happened. Within two hours I received… Read more.

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