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Inspired Interview: Stefan Lyon

Inspired Interview: Terry Tillman

Inspired Interview: Dianne Legro

Moving Through Life

In case you’re wondering why you haven’t heard from me this week, we’re in the process of moving from our home from Colorado to a new home in Montana. The past two weeks have been spent sorting and packing our treasures for the 1000 mile trek. And boy, has this brought up a lot of stuff for me! Physically relocating from one place to another is just like moving from one place to another emotionally, through the changes in our life. Why is it then, that we wait until we’re ready to move to rid ourselves of excess baggage, in… Read more.

Inspired Interview: Cara Barker

Inspired Interview: Paul Dunn

Inspired Interview: Jacob Roig

Inspired Interview: Ariane De Bonvoisin

Inspired Interview: Shannon Foley

Update on the Global Hug Tour

So, what’s up with the Global Hug Tour? I think the most honest answer to that question is to explain that we’re going through the same things in life that you are. In other words, while enthusiasm and belief are strong, time and money are limited. It’s a big project with a lot of moving pieces. Imagine the planning that would go into a two-week vacation to Europe. Now make that a 5-month trip with 50 events worldwide and you have the picture of the task we’ve been facing. The logistics alone are staggering, let alone adding in things like… Read more.

Inspired Interview: Maddie Bradshaw

Inspired Interview: Carla Picardi

Inspired Interview: Matt Kahn

Inspired Interview: Patrick Pedraja

Inspired Interview: Joe Rubino

Inspired Interview: Eva Selhub

Walking Through Scary Times

Companies are closing, pension accounts are being drained, unemployment is going up, folks are losing their homes and the bankruptcy rate is escalating. Many feel as if they’re walking through scary times as they watch their piggy banks sink. It all sounds like a train wreck in another state- something tragic but also distant While we’re empathetic, the impact is lessened because it doesn’t affect us personally. Until it does. Then, very suddenly, things shift and it becomes very real, very fast. Just this past week I’ve had some personal issues with some real estate investments that are now upside… Read more.

Inspired Interview: Dave Taylor

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