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Sweat Lodge Deaths & Self-Help Gurus: A Question of Accountability

By Jonathan Ellerby, PhD A Tragic Call To Attention The recent and tragic events that involved three deaths and more than 19 injured and emotionally traumatized at a James Ray “Spiritual Warrior Retreat” deserves to be treated with some gentleness for this is more than a news item, but a horrific experience of loss and suffering that is impacting far more people than only those who were there. It is also a criminal investigation and a man’s career under scrutiny. This “event” brings up some critical issues in our society, and this is one of those important times where we… Read more.

Inspired Interview: Following up with Gail Lynne Goodwin

Love is the Answer (Always!) : The Secret to Surviving Divorce

Divorce is one of the most difficult transition periods in life. Not only is it losing the dream of something that once was, it’s also dealing with anger, rejection, failure and an incredible fear of the unknown. That uncertainty can cause our inner defense mechanism to kick into high gear and have us think thoughts of revenge and destruction that we wouldn’t normally think. Yesterday I talked with my friend Rob (not his real name), whose parents are going through a very nasty divorce. I felt somewhat qualified to listen and help him, for ten years ago I too went… Read more.

Inspired Interview: Following up with Peggy McColl

Today’s Brilliance from Peggy McColl

A female client of mine years ago was married to a man who was very abusive to her. He wouldn’t get therapy or examine his beliefs, feelings, and actions. After several years of listening to him cut her down, she decided to leave the marriage and quickly went from having a non-glamorous position in a company to being a very successful entrepreneur. Her ex-husband was so upset by his loss that he let his feelings of anger bleed over into every area of his life and poison his attitude. His friends began to avoid him, his children pulled away from… Read more.

Water – Our Most Precious Resource

Last night I watched OneDrop.org’s Poetic Social Mission streaming live on their site. Celebrities from around the globe shared their talents and gathered together to bring attention to the worldwide problem of water.  I was touched in a very deep way and feel connected to the world right now in such a profound way. I was fortunate enough to interview Guy Laliberte, founder of Cirque du Soleil for InspireMeToday.com and for my blog in the Huffington Post and also fortunate to connect with his staff at Cirque du Soleil and at OneDrop.org. I have been touched by these great people…. Read more.

Guy Laliberte’s Interview from Space!

Yesterday I was asked to send questions to Guy Laliberte, in space! Guy is at the International Space Station to promote the cause of All for Water, Water for All. For more detail, please read yesterday’s post. Many of you were generous enough to help us compile a list of questions for Guy which we forwarded to him. Today, I received this audio file back from his team. It is a part of the interview where they asked Guy seven questions- and two of them were from InspireMeToday.com! Here’s the audio file for you to listen to. Please keep in… Read more.

Out of This World! (Seriously, I mean literally!)

WOW, I am jumping up and down excited and had to share this with you! I just got an email from Guy Laliberte’s team- from space! Guy is currently with the cosmonauts at the International Space Station. I hope you listened to my interview with Guy Laliberte, founder of Cirque du Soleil and OneDrop.org. I was one of my best interview ever. If not- check it out! Anyway, I’ve been invited to submit three questions to Guy WHILE HE’S IN SPACE! He’ll answer the questions and we’ll post the mp3 file here for you to listen to his answers. I’m… Read more.

Inspired Interview: Dain Herr

Inspired Interview: Karen Russo

Inspired Interview: Janet Attwood

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