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Reclaim Your Personal Power!

There are some things in life we can control and some that we can’t. We all have dominion and mastery over our own lives. We have personal power and we get to use it or give it away as we choose. Unfortunately, many times we willingly give away our personal power without even thinking about it or realizing that it happened. My friend Sally had a long-term happy relationship with her partner Bob.  Recently, she left Bob because a friend told her some bad things about Bob. Rather than confront the situation or ignore the advice, she ran. When a… Read more.

10 Success Tips from FatWallet.com Founder Tim Storm

Recently I had the honor of interviewing today’s Inspirational Luminary, Tim Storm, creator of FatWallet.com– an on-line premier coupon site and one of the highest ranked sites on the Internet. He’s a hero in his community. His employees love him. His peers honor him. And, I think I know the reason why. Tim is the Midwestern “boy-next-door”, a genuine nice guy who has reached great success and yet still manages to remain incredibly modest, humble and grounded. He gives back to his community and makes a difference in the world. What I learned from Tim comes not only from his… Read more.

The Present of Being Present

The best present we can give to another is to BE present. And, I don’t mean just being in the same room. With the abundance of technology surrounding us in both our business and personal life, we have ample opportunities for distraction and multi-tasking. Recently I was with a friend as she was text messaging to another friend. The next day she was with that other friend and wanted to text with me.  Something seems inherently backwards with being with someone and not being present. And, it isn’t happening just in our personal lives. A new survey from PGI shows… Read more.

The Whole World Could Change in a Minute

The whole world can change in a minute. Think about it. One minute can make all the difference in our world. Just ask anyone who lost a loved one in an accident or was diagnosed with cancer. The whole world changes in a minute. Yet, when we think of that statement we usually default to a place of changing for the worse- not better! If the whole world can change in a minute for the worse, it also has the equal chance of changing for the better! You could win the lottery. You could find the love of your life…. Read more.

I’m Flying With Cirque du Soleil!!!

Last night I had a crazy dream. I was walking along a remote country road with several people when I decided I wanted to fly. I love flying dreams. And, I know HOW to fly, at least in my dreams, so this was no big deal. I just soared up into the air, about 20′ above the ground and did a few swoops, almost like I used to do as a child when I’d pretend I’m a dolphin in the water. It was amazing. I could just stop and hover, without even putting my arms out, just by having the… Read more.

Magnifying Magnificence

If you can feel one single spark of magnificence in yourself or another, nothing stands in the way of your fanning that flame. Nothing stands in the way of creating a new and brighter flame of magnificence, that then begins to have a life of its own. You see, it is a given. How do I know that? Here you are reading an inspirational piece. You wouldn’t be doing that unless you were determined to learn and grow. You would have no interest in such a thing unless you were already conscious enough to appreciate the beauty of being inspired… Read more.

Two More Days to Celebrate our 2nd Birthday!

We’re 6 days into our week-long 2nd Birthday Celebration for InspireMeToday.com and the party’s still going strong! If you’ve been following the Birthday Contest you know that our celebration ends at midnight tomorrow. So, this is your last chance to join in the fun to win some pretty outrageous FREE gifts. As a part of the contest we asked our luminaries to help us celebrate. They showed up with some incredible gifts including: – Free personally autographed books on various topics – A complete SEO package from Chris Kauza and Fett Marketing – A one-hour marketing consultation with marketing maven… Read more.

A Conversation With God?

About a month ago I sat in front of my laptop with some heavy thoughts on my mind. In trying to figure out a difficult situation, I gave up and just started typing the first statement below. Rarely do I get to a place where I momentarily crash, but I was tired and was venting in frustration. From there my fingers kept typing and here are the  responses that I “heard” in reply to my questions. I’m not sure this came from the Universe, God, my higher self, my imagination or whatever else. What I do know is that I… Read more.

Celebrate What Is + Expectation of What Will Be= An Amazing Life

I believe in the possibility that comes from celebrating what is. I also believe that when we add expectation to the equation, magic happens and incredible things happen in our life. Each morning we wake with a choice. We can choose to focus on everything that isn’t going right and stress over how to make things better, or we can focus on what is already right in this very moment and grow what’s possible from there. When we focus on what’s not right, we often feel guilty, stupid and less than who we really are. It’s easy to beat ourselves… Read more.

Happy Birthday to InspireMeToday.com and YOU Get the Presents!

WOOHOOOOO!!!! Today is our birthday and we’re celebrating! Happy 2nd Birthday to InspireMeToday.com! Thank you for your love and support of our site for the past two years. Because of you, we’ve been able to grow and continue to provide you with the best daily inspiration from some of the greatest teachers, mentors and luminaries on the planet. Thank you for helping us inspire the world! Please join us to celebrate our birthday! The best part about this is YOU get the presents. We’re celebrating by having a week-long birthday contest where YOU have the opportunity to win one of… Read more.

Today’s Brilliance from Gail Lynne Goodwin

I’d like to share a few things I’ve learned… Gratitude! Begin and end your day with gratitude. What you focus on grows, so focus on good things. Develop an attitude of gratitude. Realize that what’s happening around you isn’t who you are. Illusions can appear real but we get to choose whether or not to buy into them. You can be the chess master or the pawn- your choice. Dream big and make life fun! Do something outrageous each day. Follow your passion. Believe in yourself. Change your attitude to “I’ll see it when I believe it”, not the other… Read more.

Today’s Brilliance from Mark Schulman

I recently became aware of a study released in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology that got me thinking. The study showed that Americans report being generally happier than people from other countries such as Japan or Korea, but also report being more adversely affected by negative events. What particularly intrigues me is that we Americans also report that we are less likely to feel good when positive things happen. This is reminiscent of any other addiction, and what a paradox- striving for the best life possible and then potentially overdosing on it! Previously, therapists only acknowledged that a… Read more.

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