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Inspired Interview: Checking in with Gini Gentry

CONGRATULATIONS to our Vitamix Winner!

About two weeks ago I posted a blog offering a chance to win a Vitamix. I asked that people send in the entry an complete the sentence-“I want to win a Vitamix because….”. Little did I know that we’d be swamped with responses, each one pulling at my heartstrings. I had no idea the need would be so great, the stories so sincere and the decision practically impossible to make. I was supposed to announce the winner in this blog post earlier this week, but our team kept going back and forth between several finalists. Then we reached out to… Read more.

Inspired Interview: Ricky Roberts III

We Are All In This Together

Often times, we get so distracted, or caught up on the vastness of the “problems” of our world that we get discouraged, and don’t do anything at all. In truth, we are living in very interesting times. There are a lot of people who are hurting, or being hurt, going with out food, are not being nurtured with love, homeless, jobless, and hopeless. This is not to mention the issues that need to be addressed in regards to our mother earth. This is our reality, right now. The other reality is: there are many people who are making a difference… Read more.

Boulder Fire Sparks Realization- It’s Not About the “Stuff”

My heart goes out to the people in Boulder, Colorado this morning. For the last four days they have been battling the worst fire in Colorado history. Not only have they had to live with the constant uncertainty of a live, moving fire, with wind gusts up to 45 mph, the pristine mountain air has been replaced with falling ash and the thick smell of smoke. Residents are experiencing respiratory problems many miles away. According to AOL News a hour ago, “The Fourmile Canyon fire has burned 170 homes in the scenic foothills of the Rockies since Labor Day, spreading… Read more.

Green Smoothies!

I’m embarrassed to remember back a few months ago when I was discussing health on the telephone with Vitamix president Jodi Barnard, and I proudly shared that I’d just had a smoothie for breakfast. For me, that meant dumping protein powder, a few berries and some water and ice into my Cuisinart blender and hoping it would chop the ice fine enough to drink, which it did….sometimes. When she asked me if I’d ever had a green smoothie, I had to confess, that not only had I never had one, I wasn’t even sure what it was. Boy, did I… Read more.

Contrast as a Catalyst for Awareness

Contrast can often be the catalyst that causes us to notice the world around us. This Labor Day weekend has been a great time for hiking in nearby Glacier National Park. Autumn is on the way and the first snows have sprinkled a sparkling white dusting on the high mountain peaks. On a hike a few days ago, I was struck by the contrast of the stark white snow against the lush, verdant green of our Montana summers. Moving to Montana from Colorado more than a year ago, I had forgotten just how lush and green Montana is, as compared… Read more.

Glacier National Park- Sept. 3-5, 2010

This Labor Day Weekend we spent a few days hiking our local area in northwestern Montana. The first two shots were taken while hiking the Bond Creek Trail in the Swan Valley. Can you tell from the shot of Koda that the trail was a bit muddy in places? 🙂 The rest of the photos were taken in Glacier National Park, at Lake McDonald, on the Going to the Sun Road and while hiking the Hidden Lake Trail from Logan Pass. Just double click on any of the thumbnails to see an enlarged photo and to comment. I hope you… Read more.

I Want A Vitamix Because….

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. But what do you do when a friend shows up at your home with hundreds of apples? That’s easy….You make apple juice! Last Friday evening my friends Tom and Sherry stopped by our home for a visit. For the last few weeks they’ve heard me tweeting, blogging and raving about my new Vitamix machine- and they had an idea. They live in Montana next to some wild open space that happens to be the home of a very abundant apple tree. Sherry and Tom showed up at my home with several hundred… Read more.

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