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Blessings from a Bird

Recently I was reminded of the many miracles in my life. Interestingly enough, the messenger didn’t come to me as a mighty eagle, but in the humble form of a small bird For those who follow me on Twitter, you know that two nights ago, I had a tiny bird fly inside my home in Montana. It was about 8pm, on a dark, snowy, cold evening, when Koda, our 3-year old Samoyed dog wanted to go outside. As I opened the patio door to let Koda out, I was hit by a very cold breeze AND something ran in and… Read more.

The Power of Giving

Christmas is less than a month away and Hannukah begins next week. It’s a time when we’re asked to give- when many are already feeling pinched from the general economic conditions. I was recently reminded of a blog that I wrote several years ago, that I’m rerunning today as a reminder (to me). Hopefully it will warm your heart too…… A few years ago I was working on an entrepreneurial project, living off savings. Some days were financially scary as I was learning to live on faith instead of fear. One day I was standing in the checkout line of… Read more.

The Traveler in Time

There was that search for meaning, that longing, the perpetual longing. How would I make sense to myself? My eventful life never seemed to stop until I just couldn’t cope with all its ups and downs. I had successes and failures; I sensed deep love and then the inevitable separation that followed. There was no sanctuary, no peace, no place to call home. I wondered: is my life controlled by me or am I subject to the whims of events beyond my control? One day I felt great and the next I was depressed. My confusion yielded a search and… Read more.

Inspired Interview: Yossi Ghinsberg

Snowy Montana

Hope you had a beautiful and very Happy Thanksgiving holiday. Here are a few shots taken yesterday, showing the 7th snowy day in a row in Montana. Koda, our 3 year old Samoyed is absolutely loving the snow. (and I am too!)

My Thanksgiving Gratitude List

On this Thanksgiving Eve, I am feeling very blessed. I took a few moments to make a list of what I am most grateful for and wanted to share it with you, in the hopes that you’ll be inspired to create your own “Gratitude List”. It’s always good to remember how much we all have to be grateful for… Happy Thanksgiving with love! My Gratitude List (not in any specific prioritized order): My husband and our family Koda, our amazing dog, and his unconditional love and affection Deep friendships Our amazing community Hot chocolate (can you tell it’s -9… Read more.

It’s Your Choice

“You’ll keep getting what you’re getting as long as you keep doing what you’re doing!” “The insanity principle is doing the same thing but expecting different results!” “If nothing changes, nothing changes!” These statements all pertain to personal power reinventing oneself and change. More importantly, they all pertain to choice. You have to choose to change YOU. Throughout my life, from childhood through college, corporate career to business owner, wedding day to divorce court, I’ve encountered people who were in situations they loathed but, for whatever reason, chose not to change how they responded to or viewed the situation. In… Read more.

Inspired Interview: Alan Underkofler

The Wisdom of Koda the Wonder Dog

From watching Koda for the last two years, these are things that he would share with you if he could write…. You’ll get much more from tail wags and licks than you ever will from barks and bites. Be persistent and you’ll usually get what you want. If we weren’t supposed to play in mud puddles they wouldn’t exist. Happiness and love are the only things that matter. Few things in life are as good as a long cool drink of water or a back rub. When someone tells you “You’re beautiful”, just smile, knowing they’re really seeing a part… Read more.

Today’s Brilliance from Tawana Williams

I’m Tawana Williams, your messenger of hope and inspiration, I’ve overcome the devastating adversity of being born without arms, and I can help you overcome whatever adversities you may be facing in life. That’s why I consider myself to be “Unarmed but Dangerous”. It’s time for no more excuses. What are some of the things that have happened to you that you’ve allowed to defeat you, control you, stop you, or to define who you really are? Whatever those things are, get ready to remove them. It’s time to live a no excuse lifestyle. What are some of your excuses?… Read more.

Inspired Interview: Angela Gower-Johnson

Inspired Interview: Hank Wasiak

Inspired Interview: Terry Torok

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