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Why You Stop Working Towards Your Goals

Achieving a goal isn’t about the goal; it’s about the motivation to achieve the goal. Can you maintain motivation, or do you find yourself psyched about achieving a goal, with a good plan and a detailed picture in your mind, only to find yourself not working on the goal anymore? Maybe your work schedule is super busy, or your emotions are tightly wound because you’re having trouble in a close relationship. There are seven Motivation Assassinators and they are the reasons we stop working on our goals. But they are easily identified and easily overcome. Do you know what yours… Read more.

Inspired Interview: Lorraine Cohen

Finding the Upside When Life Takes a Downside

What do you think of when you hear the word upside? Simply speaking, it is something positive that follows a downside. It is the promise or potential of a given situation. It’s finding some clarity in the midst of chaos. Once the dust settles in your life, there is a little light or glimmer of hope that appears. But you have to be willing to reach out and grab the opportunity, nurture it and turn it into something meaningful. For example, I had a downside experience – a severe stress fracture in my leg, which laid me up for many… Read more.

Practicing Mindful Happiness

We are a world of people in a hurry. We are stressed and striving to make it through another day. We sometimes feel used and abused. And every now and then, we want to scream at the top of our lungs, joining in the chorus of miserable people saying, “I’m sick of my life!” When is this chaos going to end? Where are we all going? What are we trying to accomplish by living our lives in pursuit of something we can never seem to catch? We’re always trying to get a better job, to improve our relationships, pay off… Read more.

Inspired Interview: Ed Brodow

Today’s Brilliance from Chet McDoniel

On January 5th, 1980, I was born with no arms and shortened legs. Doctors do not know what happened, and no explanation can be given. I spent many young years of my life wanting to know why. I found that search fruitless, and instead have dedicated my life to telling others how live life to the fullest, despite the situation that life has thrown their way. I’ve learned many steps to happiness in life, and here are three that I feel very strongly about! Change Your Perspective We’ve all heard the question, “is the glass half empty or half full?”… Read more.

Today’s Brilliance from Leah Larson

Have you ever dreamed of doing something big but then dismissed the idea because you thought it was impossible? I founded, edited and published a national quarterly magazine when I was only 13. You’re probably wondering how this happened. It all started in the school lunchroom in sixth grade. The lunchroom bustled as my class found our seats. Then, I had a brainstorm, “Wouldn’t it be cool to publish a magazine for Jewish girls?” My friend was used to my constant flow of ambitious but usually impractical ideas, so she simply responded, “Yeah, but we could never do it.” And… Read more.

Inspired Interview: Tambra Harck

3 Easy Steps to the Results You Want

I used to be a little insane, just a bit crazy. Albert Einstein once said “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. That was definitely the insane and crazy me. Then I realized if I wanted my results to be different I needed to change my behavior. I learned that three things could change my results, and my life: Desire… You need to really want to change. Commit… Make the commitment to yourself and to really add power commit out loud to someone else. Persist… NEVER give up until you… Read more.

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