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Be Here Now

By Patty de Llosa. Be Here Now. A message that can change our lives! When we hear these three little words from our teachers or read them in books, it sounds so simple. But when we try, the act is not easy. That’s because three worlds have to come together simultaneously in us. First, to focus on the body, the house of our Being. To do this, bring the mind’s attention to follow the sensation of your physical self, the breath that comes and goes, the blood that flows, the muscles that tense and relax, and the energy that moves… Read more.

The Tree of Life: Like None Other

By Stephen Simon. As my first post here on Inspire Me Today, I highlight my favorite film so far in 2011. When I was 22 years old, the last 15 minutes of Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey introduced me to a cinematic concept of the vast wonder of the cycle of life and death that I had never even imagined before. At that time, I thought no one would ever again attain that kind of symbolic representation of spirituality on film. And then I  saw The Tree of Life, which is so mind-bogglingly original and breathtaking that it truly… Read more.

Today’s Brilliance from Kris Cahill

Have you considered that following your heart is a gift to the rest of us? If you’ve been of the mindset that taking care of yourself first, and listening to your own true desires is selfish and unrealistic, here’s some good news for you. Though it’s not always the easiest thing to do, listening to what it is you want and following your own internal guidance system will help you to create a happy and fulfilled life. You will also never be bored if you are interesting to you. The way to be interesting to you is to find out… Read more.

Daily Intentions

By Gail Lynne Goodwin. Yesterday’s Inspirational Luminary, Larry Hochman, spoke in his interview of how he stays on track, by setting daily intentions through writing letters to himself. We asked him to share a sample with our community, which he has done below. If you haven’t listened to the interview yet, please do as there’s some great free content there for you to learn from and enjoy. Sample Daily Intention Good Morning Buddy! OK, let’s get to work. Today I intend to feel organized. I intend to make a vet appointment for the cat. I intend to exercise strong and… Read more.

Life Lessons from a Blueberry Bush

Forest Gump’s mama once said that “Life is like a box of chocolates”. Last week we visited my brother-in-law Brent’s home. As my 2 year-old granddaughter, Luna, sat on my husband’s lap picking blueberries, Brent explained to her that “Life is a lot like a blueberry bush”. Luna spent a great deal of time, carefully inspecting each berry, selecting just one, then picking it, putting it into her mouth and truly savoring the flavor before moving on to the next one. It was a slow process, but with each individual selection, she made a conscious choice of which berry to… Read more.

Ayurveda: An Ancient Pathway to Modern Health

Whether you’re interested in preventing serious disease and improving your health in general or you want to treat specific symptoms such as headache, overweight, or insomnia, Ayurveda works. Thousands of people all over the world who are living proof that this holistic, integrated health system is as effective as it was when it originated in India nearly six thousand years ago. Ayurveda, a Sanskrit word that means knowledge of life and longevity, is based on principles and rhythms found in nature. It makes use of daily and seasonal lifestyle practices (including diet, yoga, and meditation), healing herbs, purification therapies, and… Read more.

Loving the Duality of your Higher Self and Ego Self

By Tara Taylor. What is the meaning of life? That is the universal question that we have all asked ourselves once, twice or everyday. In actuality, the question that we truly want to understand is, “What is MY meaning in this life?” We look to others to answer this question. We seem to think that we don’t know. In actuality, we do know. Each and every one of us has the answer embedded. It is in every fiber of our being, we have had the answer even before we came to our bodies. We hold our answer within us.  The question… Read more.

Blocking Your Creativity? Procrastination

By Jean Adrienne. Each of us gets stuck from time to time, and we always wonder why we aren’t able to make things happen the way we want them to. Rarely does the key come to unlock the block so we generally just have to wait it out, and that sets up a cycle that begins to perpetuate itself. While we wait for the answer or the “ahah” moment that will move us back into the flow, we often ponder what’s going on in our life.  “What am I waiting for—and why?” I am one of the first to be… Read more.

Follow Your Internal Compass

There’s a compass in your gut that points two directions: EXCITING and DRAINING. No matter what advice anyone gives you, you need to let this compass override your other decisions. Whatever excites you, go do it. Whatever drains you, stop doing it. You have to pay close attention to that compass, even in little day-to-day decisions. You get offered a gig – they’re on the phone waiting for an answer – is it exciting you or draining you? To make a new website is going to take about 10 hours of work. Does that excite you or drain you? If… Read more.

Inspired Interview: Derek Sivers

Time To Clean Up

The body, brain, emotions, thoughts, and surroundings are the playground of energy in our lives. Our playground is often cluttered with non-essential toys and gadgets, words, beliefs, patterns, programs, attitudes, and is often overgrown with these weeds. Because of this, our energy playground needs to be cleared regularly, so that energy is flowing and abundant for the ultimate benefit of the human form. This playground of energy is usually only taken into consideration if or when something is breaking down or not working. By ignoring our energy until there is pain, loss, breakdown, etc., we are ignoring the fabric of… Read more.

Today’s Brilliance from Konstantine Buhler

“Go for it!” Why should we “go for it?” Why should we make the transition from dream to memory? We should take action to define who we are. Life is a series of memories. We cannot view our life with our eyes, or touch it with our hands, but we can solidify it through our memories. When we take action we reinforce what is important to us, and create a memory. Our memories document our life and give us a unique perspective on our thoughts and experiences. For instance, when we engage in community service we help others while establishing… Read more.

Inspired Interview: Jean Houston

Inspired Interview: Scott Schilling

Today’s Brilliance from Dr. Tomi Bryan

My life changed for the better when my oldest son Shep asked me, “Mom, what do you think the movie of the decade is?” An innocent enough question, one would think, for late December 2009. However, I kept hearing the word “decade.” DECADE! It was screaming at me. All I could think was “We are at the end of another decade.” The first decade of the new millennium gone! And what did I have to show for the last 10 years? As the new year started, I shouted these questions to all who listened: • “What is the reward for… Read more.

Today’s Brilliance from Elsa Brehm Hoffman

As I age, people ask more and more, “What are your secrets?” People can see I try to take reasonable care of myself, am an eternal optimist, and love being with people daily. These are some of the all-important basics that are simple things, yet have incredible impact on how well and how long one lives. Since scientists now say that longevity is only about 25% genetics, there are other things at work. It is imperative to keep your spirits up, especially through difficult times. I have seen many economies, for example, including The Great Depression, and “this too shall… Read more.

Inspired Interview: Elsa Brehm Hoffmann

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