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Today’s Brilliance from Lexxi Saal

Hi it’s me Brilliant Lexxi. I am 11 years old. I may be small but I am convinced I can have many successes and make a difference in hundreds of lives. I have a mother who was adopted and when I thought about the possibility of a child not having a loving family a good night kiss or warm home, I could not do anything. Love is so easy to give and it is free! There is always more to give. You don’t need money, only a heart. My goal is to make one more child feel special. Make one… Read more.

Harvesting Happiness: Questions to Ask Yourself

By Lisa Cypers Kamen. It helps to ask yourself some questions every once in a while to make sure you are achieving the happiness you want in your life. The following questions are by no means an all-inclusive list but something to think about: Have I looked for the happy moments in my daily life? How do I find those moments? How do I show others that I am happy? Am I surrounding myself with people who have an overall positive attitude? Am I trying to focus as much as I can on the positive things in my life instead… Read more.

Bringing Joy Into Your Life

Having gone through one of the longest dark night of the soul experiences where I was forcibly separated from my young daughters for almost four years, fighting a complicated legal battle that kept me in a high security jail without the ability to defend myself, I immersed myself in reading to escape the dismal surroundings. Although the external reality of my life was horrific, what happened on the inside was transformational. I learned so much! It has become my purpose to help others who are facing tough times and help them learn how to create their dream lives and celebrate… Read more.

Today’s Brilliance from Jim Good

“Dare to be what your best self knows you ought to be. Dare to be a bigger human being than you have ever been. Have great hopes, and dare to go all out for them. Have great dreams, and dare to live them. Have tremendous expectations, and believe in them. The more you dare to be great, the more you will be great.” ~ Norman Vincent Peale I dare you. I dare you to see yourself as God sees you – as mighty men and women of fearless courage, vast potential and spines of unbending steel. I dare you to… Read more.

The Best Year Ever

By Sheevaun Moran. If you’re sitting at your desk or on the sofa reading this, know that having the best year ever is entirely possible. The possibility of an entire year can last far beyond the first two weeks after New Year’s but you will have to do a few things to make that happen. Most of them are as simple as brushing your teeth and done as regularly as brushing your teeth. Receive yourself the gift of knowledge that your body is giving you the signals about an issue or situation. Give what you want most – if you… Read more.

Unanswered Prayers

Most of us learned to pray as little children. As adults, we’ve all had experiences where God (or the Universe, if you prefer) hasn’t answered our prayers. A recent experience caused me to ask myself….. If God doesn’t answer a prayer in the way that we expect the answer to appear, does that mean he’s not listening….. or, could it mean that we’re not?  A few days ago I was on Twitter when I saw a random tweet from a teenager, asking us to pray for her family, as they were looking for the answer to a big problem. As… Read more.

Today’s Brilliance from Jack Henderson

Jack is an amazing six year old who started drawing pictures in return for donations to the Sick Kids’ Friends Foundation, a foundation supporting the hospital his baby brother regularly visits due to chest problems. Jack came up with the idea after a family friend bought a drawing from him for 20p at a craft fair and has since raised over £;32,000. We loved his story and wanted to highlight what he’s doing, even if he’s only 6 years old. So, here’s Jack’s advice for others, as he shared it with his father…. My advice for others… Don’t jump into water… Read more.

Harvesting Happiness: The Art of Staying Happy

By Lisa Cypers Kamen. One way that we can stay happy in life is by showing gratitude for what we have and experience. Here are some things to think about as you go about your day: 1. Accept things as they are. No matter how much the situation has turned out differently to your expectations, it is the way it is. You don’t know how much worse off you could have been had things gone differently. 2. Focus on what is right in your life rather than what’s wrong. Try to put positive thoughts in your life and get rid… Read more.

Skillfulness and Subtle Energy – How to Heal and Be Healed

Subtle energy is 95% of our world. If the healer draws on their energy field then their energy gets drained. You often see this when attending conscious type conferences and observe the aged look of many of the practitioners. The objective is to activate the spiritual cord, more so than the ordinary person, so that the energy is drawn from higher vibrational sources. The spiritual cord is developed each incarnation through right thought, right action and right speech. Meditation and having a guide are the ideal ways to develop the spiritual cord because the human tendency is to veer off… Read more.

5 Simple Steps to Success

What we think, feel, say to ourselves and others, and believe to be true creates our reality. Every day, we each choose whether we create our reality by design or by default. Based on the “CRAVE Your Goals!” program, here are five steps to create the reality you desire and deserve. 1) Clean Out the Clutter. Clutter distracts and confuses us and drains our energy. It often gets in the way of our goals. There’s a universal law that states: The universe abhors a vacuum. So, when we clear away the physical clutter, as well as the emotional, mental and technical… Read more.

Angels Surround Us

When I was a young girl, barely in my twenties, my grandmother (then eighty-nine) turned to me. I still remember the look in her haunted eyes: “I’m so afraid of dying,” she said. I didn’t know what to say. I fled. For years it lay on my conscious that I had let her down. Today, years later, I’ve had so many personal experiences with angels and spirits and the invisible guardians that watch over us that I wish I had a second chance. I wish I’d said, “It’s all right. There is no death. You are eternal – even your… Read more.

Inspired Interview: Sophy Burnham

Harvesting Happiness: Attitude

By Lisa Cypers Kamen. Happiness, as I’ve said before, starts with you. It is all about your attitude toward life and the situations you face in daily living. You have to look at what you have accomplished in a day, week, and month etc – not what you haven’t accomplished. If you are having trouble finding happiness in your day and it seems like your attitude is shifting to negative things, here are a few tips for you: Try to change the way you look at things by looking at the bright side.  Focus on solutions, not the problems. Listen… Read more.

Taming the Inner Critic: Seeing Yourself on Camera

By Sheevaun Moran. Now that social media is at a place where you’ll find yourself on camera at some point or another you want to learn to clear and resolve that inner critic about the camera. I know I certainly had to and continue to have to do this. I discovered that I have muted energy when using video and when someone is talking to me and asking questions I’m myself and animated. What is your energy like when you do use video? Worried about how you look? Afraid to speak loudly? Afraid or concerned that you’ll seem or look stupid?… Read more.

5 Simple Steps for Getting What You Want

In order to get what you want, you must first decide what you want. Most people really foul up at this crucial first step because they simply can’t see how it’s possible to get what they want, so they don’t even let themselves want it. Don’t sabotage yourself that way! Don’t for a second think you have to figure out every step of the way when you’re standing at the starting gate to a certain goal. First lock in your desires and have faith that your mind and the universe will work in synch to guide you toward them. For those who… Read more.

What Wouldn’t Have Happened

Tell me, what wouldn’t have happened If you had never lived? Had never been born. If the ambulance driver rushing your mother to the hospital Had fallen asleep at the wheel… Who would we blame for making the world poorer without you? Perhaps the makers of his cough medicine who leaned too hard on the drowsy formula Causing him to lean likewise on the pedal. Perhaps the shift manager who scheduled him to drive his ambulance and his vehicle beyond their breaking point… Or maybe they deserve a round of applause Because all you’ve ever contributed was pre-mature abortion To… Read more.

Inspired Interview: Theo Wilson

Live Life Abundantly

I’ve lived in lack. For instance, for a time in my early days I survived on anemic welfare checks and degrading food stamps. And there was a time I lived in a 12-foot-long trailer with another person. I’ve lived in abundance. For instance, I’ve had two six-figure windfalls come in within a three-month period. And I’ve gone years at a time not having to work a job, having had enough money to live on. I found that financial lack often meant I had to do work I disliked doing in a place I disliked being. I’ve learned that financial abundance… Read more.

Harvesting Happiness: Being Positive

By Lisa Cypers Kamen. Being positive whenever possible makes you and those around you feel good. How can you do that? The following acronym should give you some ideas. P – People. What kind of people are you surrounding yourself with? Try to be around those who are positive and avoid negative people whenever possible. O– Optimism. Find the optimism in your life even if it’s a small thing. S – Smile. Something as simple as that can change your mood from negative to positive in a matter of seconds. You can also contribute to someone else’s well-being by smiling…. Read more.

Today’s Brilliance from Carol Goddard

Dare to be YOU. Dare to be YOU, and live the unlived life within you, the life you were born to live. Have you ever felt like your life so far has been a diluted form of what is possible for you? Guilt and fear keep you disconnected from who you really are. When you reconnect to your essence, guilt and fear are no longer there, they have dissolved, and the magnificence of who you are radiates from you. Resistance is what stands between the life you live and the unlived life within you. Resistance comes in many forms, such… Read more.

The Secret to Success

What makes successful people so, well, successful? It’s tempting to think that those at the top of the ladder know something the rest of us mere mortals don’t—and at a time when we’re all desperate to hold onto jobs, clients, and market shares, the quest for that missing ingredient takes on new gravity. But that “special something” you’ve been searching for isn’t an uncanny ability to predict the market’s future, a membership with MENSA, or a secret business formula. Quite simply, what sets you apart from the competition is your ability to connect. Relationships are the real secret to success…. Read more.

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