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10 Laws of the Mind

I would share these ten laws of the mind that I have found to be true. 1. You are the maker of your fortune — and also of your misfortune. 2. Opinions, beliefs and judgements are the fence around the playing field of life. Depending on the opinions, beliefs and judgements you uphold personally, your playing field is going to be either small or large. Thus everybody writes their own life program. 3. Your opinions, beliefs and judgements are the result of your experiences, be they good or bad. Their essence is expressed as your character since by upholding certain… Read more.

Become Your Inner Grinch this Holiday Season

After one too many Black Friday Sales, the Grinch ended up with his heart two sizes too small. Luckily, you don’t have to. Because even Mr. Grinch… the mean one, the one as cuddly as a cactus… was able to change. Even Grinch, during the holidays, was able to open his heart—so big that it busted right out of his chest. The secret? He started giving. He started practicing seva, or service to others—and in the end, he returned the tree, the toys, why… even the roast beast to all the lovely Who’s of Whoville, as they sang their Who… Read more.

Supercharge Your Dreams Into Being

You are an eternal being of light and love. You are a child of God and abundance is your inheritance. You are at a deep level one with the whole universe and therefore everything you need already exists within you. Everything! Imagine tapping into that knowledge every morning allowing yourself to start the day being filled with an abundance of happiness, enthusiasm and life-energy. And then use the day in such a way that you focus this inner energy into allowing your dreams to make the journey from being just an idea to becoming actual manifestation in your present life…. Read more.

How Can I Have More Energy?

“I am a procrastinator, sleepy, always tired, and I am 20. How can I end this permanently?” ~ Tina, Baltimore Dear Tina, I think we can all identify with being sleepy and tired, and with procrastination. Kudos to you in advance for reaching out for help. Being sleepy and tired can be symptoms of an underlying problem, so have your health checked with a professional. That being said, I’ve found the following things to be of great help to creating unlimited energy. Get 7-8 hours of restful sleep each night. Insomniacs, use lavender oil! Start and end the day with gratitude,… Read more.

Bouncing with Style: Play Your Position

First of all, let me clarify that after playing grade-school and high school soccer, it was shocking to me as to how little I retained about the sport other than keep your feet behind the line when throwing in the ball. But as in all things, God has a reason for what we need to know. I have become an avid sport’s mom for a couple of reasons. I like to watch the kids grow and learn. I like the competition and formation of character through team sports. And sports gives me a chance to see my kids when they… Read more.

Your Answers are Already Inside of YOU!

How Can I Handle My Kids?

“My kids are driving me crazy. How can I get them to do what I want them to do, when I need them to do it?” Your kids are seeking appreciation, validation, and security, just as we all do. You get whatever you are prepared to give so get yourself into a collaborative frame of mind. 1. Identify what needs to be done. What are the responsibilities or tasks that your child must complete? Help your child understand the long term value of this project. For example, they are developing problem-solving skills, collaboration skills, research skills, computer skills, and identifying… Read more.

From Living Hell to Living Well

We’ve all been there – a place that feels like hell on earth. And we ask ourselves the same question over and over: “Why me?” Have you ever stopped to think about this continuous loop and how amazingly coincidental that it continues to happen over and over again? If your thoughts and beliefs are permanently fixed on the “why”, you will never have an opportunity to investigate the “what” for your life. Life obstacles and traumas are inevitable and they happen for a reason. The sooner we learn the lesson, embrace change, and focus our thoughts on what we DO… Read more.

11 Simple Ideas for a More Fulfilling Life

Remember that you are not alone. Just when you think you are, God sends an angel your way to remind you. The morning my husband was scheduled for triple by-pass surgery, I found myself in a waiting room, alone, and trying desperately not to cry in front of strangers. God sent me an angel, a pastor we did not know from a local church we had never attended, to comfort me and pray with me. This was just one of many times in my life that God used to remind me that I am not alone. Praise each day. It… Read more.

Ready to Live? Give Love

In my life, I’ve learned that the greatest gift that anyone can give or receive is love. Love conquers fear; love encourages, love challenges, love listens, love embraces, love is action, love is quiet, love is simplicity, love is strength – love changes you! To me, music is love and this quote from Bono sums it up so well: “Music can change the world because it can change people.” That’s what love does – it changes you, deep inside. Imagine a world where our first thought was to love… To put others first and truly want to see others thrive… Read more.

How Do I Live From the Heart?

“How can I move from being in my head to coming from my heart?” ~ Tina, Glenside What a fantastic question! And I’ve found that the answer to it has let me to discover the gateway to transformation, healing, and tremendous breakthroughs. The best way I’ve found to move from my head into my heart is to use meditation. When we are “in our heads” it’s almost like our thoughts are thinking us, rather than us choosing which thoughts to think! We have an extraordinary amount of ideas, things to do, worries, and wonders all rolling around in our minds… Read more.

Noticing the Particulate…

At some point you stood there, in the first living room you ever knew, when you were new to the world, and life seemed simple. And you saw it all with new eyes: the old sofa. The worn table. Toys scattered on the floor A big picture window to let the light in. And at some point, you were playing in this room: maybe it was Saturday and your father napped on the sofa. Maybe it was a weekday, and your mother was in the kitchen. Maybe you were happy; maybe you were sad; maybe you’d been jumping on that… Read more.

3 Compassionate Strategies for Living

I would share three bits of advice that have guided me and served me well in my life. 1. Always do your best. When you do your best, you will be proud of yourself. Being proud of yourself increases your self-confidence. I believe that self-confidence is an important key to success, in your career and in your life. Beware however: doing your best means that you are laying it on the line. When you do your best, you know that you have no one but yourself to blame if things don’t work out like you want. 2. Treat everyone with… Read more.

Is This Friendship Over?

“I have a question I’d really like to know your thoughts on. I have a friend named Daniel. We recently had a falling out. I was tired of him holding back and I felt like I was always the one giving and getting nothing in return. Some harsh things were said by both of us. I’d really like to know how he is feeling. Can this be repaired? I already reached out, but he’s not responding. I wonder if he even cares to have me as a friend. Thanks so much.”  ~ Pam Hi Pam, The relationship is over, and… Read more.

5 Tips For a Dynamic and Fulfilled Life

As the economy changes, one of the most important perspectives you can adopt is staying true to who you are. It’s the only way to not only thrive, but to feel fully alive; however, it can be extremely difficult in a world filled with stereotypes, and false judgements. If you really study truly successful people, and those living their dreams, you will find a commonality: They value and express who they are regardless of others’ opinions or criticism. Most actually credit their success to staying confident in their core values, expressing their true identity, and not conforming to what’s considered… Read more.

How Do I Find My Mission?

“How do I find my mission in life?” ~ Blanca, Denver Your mission will find you, rather than you searching for your mission. In my case, my mission after graduating from college was to have and raise my children while working. It was my top priority during that time, and I was happy taking care of them. But as they got older, I knew there was something else for me. I took a family trip to Greece, which changed my life significantly and when I arrived home, I connected to a new desire—to be a writer. I’ve always love to… Read more.

Home for the Holidays

The holiday season has become more meaningful than ever.  Since we now live in a global community, families can only gather during special occasions.  Although many of us are fortunate to have a family to spend the holidays with, many others are less fortunate.  Some are lucky to experience the holiday spirit thanks to the generosity of friends.  Still, others have managed to find solace from within their hearts since they have no other place to go. Regardless, the kitchen remains the most important room in the house in the coming weeks. Whether a modern-day designer kitchen, an efficiency kitchen… Read more.

How Do I Both Save My New Marriage and Be a Good Parent?

“My daughter (18) asked to move in with me and her step mom (my second marriage) for a week or two. Instead she moved in indefinitely with all her belongings after arguing with her mom. She is in college but goes out ’til the early AM and has been a little nasty. But in general a good girl. I have to communicate with her mom often to discuss my daughter’s situation. I suspect drug use and alcohol. “My current wife cannot take all of this, and feels very uncomfortable now at home and with our relationship. I was married 15… Read more.

Experiencing More Than Just This Reality

Physics says that there is no time and space, we live in a multidimensional universe and that we are all connected through energy. It’s a heady concept, but if, for a moment, you stop to think about it, physics is describing a larger world than we are able to see and feel. If there is more out there, and we can experience glimpses of it, then why not believe that people’s reports of connecting with angels, seeing the future, being able to know about things beyond our immediate space, is not really far fetched. Our minds may actually be able… Read more.

Release Judgment, Choose Compassion

One of the keystones to cultivating a perspective that brings greater fulfillment and happiness is the attitude of gratitude. By ACTIVELY seeking things to be grateful for and appreciate, we begin to see things from a higher perspective. We see the sacredness and the perfection of life, as it is. That doesn’t mean we can’t shoot for an upgrade too, but we might as well enjoy where we are in the moment as well. I maintain, it’s not what happens to you in life, it’s what you do with it. Perspective is everything. Once I was walking down a street… Read more.

Letter to God from Bernie Siegel, MD

Dear God, First I want to thank You for answering my previous letters. When as a doctor I couldn’t understand why You made a world filled with disease, war, cruelty and all kinds of difficulties You pointed out to me that a perfect world is not creation. That there would be no need for doctors or anyone else and we would all become totally bored by life and find it meaningless. I remember You saying it would be far worse than a spending a lifetime in Hawaii. But what really made the point for me was your letting me visit… Read more.

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