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How to Listen to Yourself at the Deepest Level

Don’t believe anyone who says you can’t be happy. You can. Don’t believe anyone who says that work has to be unpleasant. It doesn’t. Don’t believe anyone who says you should ignore your feelings or desires or wishes. You should not ignore that voice inside of you that insists things can be better. Anyone can be happy. Anyone can find a fulfilling job or career. Anyone can achieve their true dreams. How? Learn to listen to yourself on the deepest level possible. Learn to discover and uncover who you really are and who you really want to be. How? You… Read more.

How Can I Help My Struggling Friend?

“I have a friend struggling with grief, health and emotional issues. She is extremely negative, sarcastic and angry in all aspects of her life. She has no other friends and thanks me for being a positive example in her life. Very slowly, she is trying to change to more positive thoughts and actions. Problem is I am getting drained being her only friend in life. Her complaining is constant and she needs me so much of the time..I have a husband and other friends and I love to journal and read. I don’t seem to have time for much anything… Read more.

4 Magical Strategies for Success

Believe in Unlimited Potential As a magician, I’ve spent many enjoyable hours on stage, looking out at the faces of people in the audience. I think a magic performance is a powerful experience because it creates a view of a world where there are no limits. One of the things I love the most is watching people’s eyes light up as they let go of their preconceptions and allow themselves to believe in this fantasy world, even if only for a few hours. Magic represents unlimited potential and unexpected possibilities — important things for all of us to remember, believe… Read more.

It’s All in the PUSH

Let’s start from the beginning… When you learned to crawl, it required a pushing movement. You had to learn to push your knees to move yourself to another point. Then you learned to walk, same push, different position. Then you ran, you pushed further and harder. To think that pushing is not a necessary element of growth and life, try crawling into work or school tomorrow. Pushing is a physical activity that exerts more pressure out than you accept inside. Pushing is a fundamental of life. So why do so many resist it? Because it is uncomfortable, it is unknown… and sometimes… Read more.

How Can I Learn to Hear God?

“I was raised a Christian and have prayed for 50 years. Lately it seems that God isn’t listening. How can I increase the connection to make my life work better?” ~ Bob, Prince Edward Island, Canada Dear Bob, God talks in many ways, aurally, visually, empathically, noetically… any of your senses can be utilized. An important tool is learning to acutely discern what I call the “BIG MIND” and the chatter of “little mind”. ”BIG MIND” thoughts drop cohesively into the top of my head, just like an idea. Personally, I hear it much like I hear an idea when it… Read more.

15 Simple Lessons for Creating the Future You Want

1. Be yourself. 100% authentically you. YOU matter, YOU make a difference. 2. Watch the movie The Five People You Meet in Heaven. Watch it twice… with loved ones. Tell those loved ones your deepest truth in the here and now, don’t wait. 3. Surround yourself by people who demand more of you than you do of yourself – these are the people who love you the most. Sometimes it looks like tough love. 4. As Marianne Williamson says, we are more afraid of our light than our darkness. But your playing small does not serve the world. As you… Read more.

Inspired Interview: Mari Smith

How Do I Know What the Right Decision Is?

“I am getting ready to move to So. Florida. I was looking into Naples, Florida. I actually always liked more vibrant urban environments, I am originally from Europe, with lots of cafes, bookstores, art galleries, live theater, close to the beaches. However, I decided I want to slow down. Naples is a beautiful place, just seasonal. However, I am getting job offers from Fort Lauderdale (I am an RN) from the hospital chain I once worked for, and by beautiful Las Olas, also opportunities for placement, etc.  It seems like Universe is pushing me to the East Coast versus I was trying to line something… Read more.

Let Go of Your Ego!

Our ego is an integral part of our human experience. How many times a day do we say “I”? The ego is a tool to discern “me” from the rest of the world. It helps us navigate through the earthly conditions and distinguish what is positive/negative or pleasant/unpleasant. At the same time, the ego is the cause of separation and the root of all suffering. If we forget that our activities also affect the rest of the world, we can easily hurt others. This can trigger a chain reaction and one gesture of hatred or anger will cause suffering not only… Read more.

Living Brilliantly From Within

You better get ready to change lives for the better! That’s what I live for. This life is not for the passion-less but for the passionate. You can’t afford to live like you have nothing to lose. And until you completely live free of what can be lost, you will never soar beyond who you are now. You must be completely willing to lose. Your Destiny gains power with each moment of deep inner belief. This life is what’s really at risk…so leave nothing for the grave yard because it’s not worthy of the dreams you carry within. All that has been poured into me… Read more.

How Can I Recover From the Death of My Spouse?

“My wife died a few months ago after a long illness. She was suffering a lot, so I’m glad she’s out of the pain, but I still miss her SO much. My friends want me to start dating again, but I can’t let go. How do I recover?”  ~ Nikhil, Arcata, CA Dear Nikhil, I am so sorry about your wife. Traumatic events sometimes feel impossible to recover from. I myself have lost a friend and fellow Marine to the war in Iraq. I recovered from that tragedy when I embraced it. Accept the grief of losing your wife; don’t… Read more.

These 10 Letters Can Change Your Life

I would tell you to B.E. Y.O.U.R.S.E.L.F. Let me share this acronym: B = Be yourself E = Escape into nature Y = Yuck it up! Laugh O = Offer a helping hand U = Use humor daily R = Relax by nurturing yourself S = Simplify your life E = Engage with others L = Listen more, talk less F = Face your fears Being yourself comes from a place of authenticity and empowerment. It is not losing your voice, but saying your truth. It is accepting all of you your strengths and your weaknesses. When you Escape into nature,… Read more.

Express Who You Are Through What You Do

We all want to be successful in life, but finding what it takes isn’t as easy as it might seem. In our culture, there is a strong tendency to equate success with position, power, and money, and that was my perspective as I prepared myself for a business career and as I advanced in the corporate world. I assumed that I would feel complete as a person when I achieved enough position, power, and money. But how much is enough? It was only after becoming CEO of a startup company that I realized there would never be enough, that I needed… Read more.

14 Ways to Increase Happiness

1. Sure, life can be tough and unfair, but don’t take it all so seriously. Think of life as a big prankster. And learn to laugh at your own expense. 2. Be your own BFF. Treat yourself the way you imagine your best friend would treat you. Especially in things you say to yourself. 3. Learn to recognize fear (it can be a tricky devil) and nip it in the bud. Monsters, like weeds, are much easier to eradicate when they’re small. 4. Believe in choice. It’s always there. And if you feel like you’ve made a bad one, make… Read more.

Four Ways to Teach the Truths that Transform the World

We human beings are born with an indefinable longing to grow beyond ourselves, to penetrate and illuminate the mysterious depths of our own heart. The ideal and pursuit of perfection is literally seeded into our soul; it pervades our very being. Our longing to walk among the stars does not seem out of reach; the wish to be eternal goes with us everywhere. In more down-to-earth terms, if we wish to live without resentments that linger in our hearts and rid ourselves of fear with all of its debilitating limitations, we must shed the skin of our selfishness. We must… Read more.

How Can I Be Lucky in Life Too?

“I have a friend that always seems to be lucky. Things line up for her all the time. Anything she needs seems to show up in her life exactly when she needs it. It’s almost spooky. How can I get my life to work like that for me too?” ~ Paul, Martin City, MT Dear Paul, It sounds like your friend, whether she is consciously aware of it or not, is practicing the Law of Attraction. There is no good luck or bad luck. It is all attraction. Instead of focusing on what your friend has, focus on what you want… Read more.

A Caring Future Is In Your Hands

It is hard to put a lifetime of experience into so few words. There are so many angles to look at it from and most lessons come from the past. I want to look at what lessons could come from the future, a future we can all aspire to today. There is a future reality where all ages of life are valued. A baby is never ill-treated by uncaring adults. A young child is never bullied or insulted by his friends. A teenager doesn’t consider taking their life because there is no hope for a job or career. No child… Read more.

Change Your Life With Just One Decision

Everything in life starts with a decision to attract what you want. What do you want in life? A fabulous marriage? Income beyond your wildest dreams? Health, wealth and happiness? To help as many people as you possibly can through your efforts? What do YOU truly want? You CAN have it all – the first step is to simply DECIDE you want to attract it! The power of decision is amazing – it puts you into motion! More importantly, it puts the Universe into motion. And nothing is accomplished without action. As Napoleon Hill shared in  Think and Grow Rich,… Read more.

Breathe in the Brilliance of You

When I think of words of wisdom that I would like to leave to humanity, I am filled with humility. I envision my children’s faces and realize that my wisdom and my love is all that I will ultimately leave behind. So, with a deep, slow breath, I open to my highest self and reflect on what would be most important to express. Please, breathe with me while I begin. First and foremost, the highest service I can offer by sharing my wisdom is to compel deep listening to that still, small voice within. That is where the most timeless… Read more.

Love is the Key

It Never Hurts To Say “I Love You”

It never hurts to say “I love you”. We know this. But did we also know that we can help each other grow by learning to say “thank you” as well? When we take a little time out for gratitude, we can accomplish miracles in our lives. We can connect ourselves to the inherent genius of our human heritage. We usher in new life, new hope, each time we thank someone else for their contributions to thought and to excellence; each time we let someone else’s achievements shine inside of our own dear accomplishment sphere. Whenever we acknowledge greatness in… Read more.

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