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You’re never too young to change the world.

Allow Kindness to Heal Your Struggling Self

With the return of my son’s cancer, I have had lots of opportunities to be with fear and despair.   Sharing this journey with my son has taken me to a deeper level of presence than I have ever known. My body has been a very dear friend throughout this fierce process, especially my belly and my breath. Whenever I am caught in the fear-based mind, sometimes all I can do is soften my belly and allow a deeper breath. The belly is one of the best biofeedback mechanisms we have.  If it is tight, we are up in our… Read more.

Each is born with good intent, a wish to fulfill one’s potential, and an inner map showing the way. May we also remember to preserve the gift of earthly life for all generations yet to come.
When someone gets the sense that he or she exists for you as a person, then it’s much easier to take care of the matter at hand, whatever it is.

World’s Largest Novel Project Just Launched!

If it were impossible to fail, what would you do differently or how would you live your life? For this 27 year-old author and entrepreneur – Yahaya Baruwa – the answer is very clear. After having developed the courage to take a leap of faith and write his now bestselling novel, Struggles of a Dreamer: the Battle between a Dream and Tradition – at a very young age, this author acts as if it is impossible to fail. This seems to be the driving force behind everything he has been able to accomplish to date. One example of this, is… Read more.

A Mother’s Message (A Message to All Our Inner Children)

If I were to leave my beautiful children with a special message for them to carry close for the rest of their days as they walk this Earth in their magnificent bodies, it would be to remember their source: remember love. This message is relevant for all of us, as we are all grown versions of our inner children, seeking guidance and support in the same way we did as little ones.  Some of us require even more love and support as we mature, as we navigate through this life and face challenges and pains we didn’t expect or know… Read more.

Nurture Your Dreams

This inspiration is a bit different in that it was written by me from an interview with Cirque du Soleil founder and CEO, Guy Laliberté, while he was at the cosmonaut training facility in Star City, Russia. Guy was heading to the International Space Station for two weeks and entered quarantine the day after our interview. You really should listen to our interview- I believe it’s one of the best we’ve ever featured. Below is the inspiration that Guy shared with me, paraphrased just a bit. Enjoy! Hugs, Gail Lynne Goodwin, Ambassador of Inspiration for InspireMeToday.com When I came up… Read more.

To enjoy intimacy in relationships, we must seek to Understand instead of insisting to be understood.
When we are determined, positive and persistent, we do not give up easily. We fight!

Death to Multitasking

I love going to Mexico. For every task, there is a “guy” who does it. They do not have jack-of-all-trades handymen. If you are working on your house, you do not call one person, but have to contact a separate plumber, electrician, and painter. And it is not just about home repairs. If you need your shoes shined, there is a guy for that. Our Mexican friend would never consider shining her own shoes; it is not her role and she would be taking away someone else’s job. She looks at us with a quizzical face when we talk about… Read more.

If you are not faced with tests throughout your life, there is no way to defend and clarify what you truly believe in.
Life is about making passionate connections, validating others and allowing them to live dreams that touch other people’s lives too!
To attain the next level, we must dig deep to find what holds us back. And have the courage to face and fix what we find.

The Inner Beauty of You

Everyone experiences difficulties, heartache and drama but the truth of who you are is never found in the loss, the sadness or the pain that being human brings. The real truth of who you are is a beauty as constant as the northern star. If you remember nothing else then, never forget that beyond the troubles of this world there is another place where you can choose the part of you that is always loving and true, and totally in touch with the knowledge that we are all one and that a part of us always was and always will… Read more.

You can always find your voice in a crowded room. The secret is to listen.

How Stressed Are You?

We may not realize how much stress affects us. The Price of Stress When we are stressed our limbic brain takes over, shutting down all body systems which do not help us fight or flee danger. Our digestive, reproductive and immune systems are turned off momentarily to move all our power and energy to our muscles to run or defend ourselves. Once the immediate danger is over, our systems revert back to normal functioning. The problem is today our stressors are not momentary physical dangers but a constant bombardment of mental stress. We rush the kids to school. We get… Read more.

Learn to experience every moment as though it were a precious gift; for every moment brings with it an opportunity to awaken to your true self.
Maximize your health while building your wealth.

Through God All Things Are Possible

Believe it or not, God loves you forever and always and can never depart from you, because you are an expression of it! THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT FACT TO UNDERSTAND AND BELIEVE IN ORDER TO EXPERIENCE THE LOVING MAGNIFICENCE OF THIS UNIVERSE. All suffering is a result of believing that you are separate from God; which is impossible, since God is your very source. God is a mysterious loving, creative energy that exists everywhere, without exception, including in and around you. God is all good. You are forgiven. You are an on-purpose creation and extension of Source (God). You… Read more.

You are here to bless the world.

How To Use The Mantra, “Just This Much”

If you watch your mind, you will see that it goes into the past or future all day long.  It especially loves to go into the future and when it really gets activated, it moves from a whole different place.  It will convince you that that you can’t do it right, or you can’t do it at all, or something bad is going to happen, and the thoughts go on and on.   These thoughts are just not true because we don’t know what is going to happen.  All we have is this present moment, but you can begin to see… Read more.

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