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Almost genetically, instilled deep within, the ability to love, trust and forgive is passed from generation to generation.
Never give up, your dreams can become a reality, and when one day is bad, the next may be a miracle- so never stop believing in yourself and follow your dreams to whereever they may take you!
Feng Shui is much more than just re-arranging your furniture. Feng Shui is all about shifting your MIND to start inviting more wealth and abundance into your life.
Just because you feel worried doesn’t mean there is anything wrong.

3 Quick Ways to Access Your Inner Guru

While I have many teachers I am grateful for and whom I have learned priceless lessons from, I know that my own inner Guru is the most powerful teacher of all. When we begin to love and trust ourselves enough to tap into our intuition and Higher Consciousness, which has access to unlimited knowledge, we can truly begin to know and trust ourselves at a much deeper level and be the most powerful and trustworthy Guru we will ever find. There are many talented teachers, and I believe even one sentence in some cases from a teacher can in fact… Read more.

Don’t let fear get in the way of your dreams. Instead remember, courage is the soul of your dreams.
When looking back on your life, you will most regret failing to act, rather than taking action and realizing what weak-minded people term as failure.

How to Achieve Ultimate Success

The ultimate success has nothing to do with money… Or career. It’s not the car you drive. The size of your home. The gold and diamonds you collected. The ultimate success has nothing to do with material accomplishment and gain. It has nothing to do with anything outside of you. The ultimate success is to feel joy exactly where you are right now. No matter what your external life looks like. No matter your situation. The ultimate joy is to be complete and whole in this very moment. No matter who you are or where you are or why you… Read more.

When you are the recipient of a favor, do a favor for at least three other people. Even if you’re not the recipient of a favor today, you have been in the past. Pay It Forward is one of the greatest gifts you can give.
courage doesn’t always roar. sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, ‘i will try again tomorrow.’
Childhood is too precious to ignore.
If you know what matters to you, it will matter to everyone.
In a dissonant world, our unique music must rise above the onslaught of opposing rhythms, contrasting melodies, and clashing notes. We can only do this if we remember the power of the Voice.

Forgiveness is the Greatest Teacher in Life

The wisdom I’ve learned is how to release the emotional pain of the past. During my time on Earth I’ve spent many years realizing that forgiveness is a lifelong process. It isn’t something that can happen overnight; it starts with small steps and can take a lot of time and effort to release these destructive emotions. Placing blame on others and focusing on negativity only harms you, not anyone else. An important step on the path to forgiveness is looking within to pardon yourself before you can release someone else of blame and move forward positively. Remember, you don’t have… Read more.

Honoring Stephen Levine

  Stephen Levine, who is one of the most amazing hearts on our planet, died on Sunday, January 17, 2016. I am filled with gratitude for his presence and how much he helped so many of us to see through our stories and come home to our hearts. In honor of his life and how deeply he changed mine, I want to share with you an experience I wrote about after I came back from a retreat led by Stephen in 1985. I had been at a 10-day workshop with Stephen, a skilled teacher of consciousness and author of many books on… Read more.

We cannot become who we are truly meant to be without moving forward after a setback in life.
You will have to choose between what makes sense and what feels right. At these forks in the road, remember to listen to that voice that is uniquely yours.
LIFE” is found in helping others!
Life’s too short to live in fear or pretense.
Almost all of our problems and limitations stem from unhelpful mental programming. Before you can create the life of your dreams, you must first take back control of your mind.

Getting to The Source with Meditation and Mindfulness

The truth that I would like to share with fellow beings is that there is a source of wisdom, joy and peace that anyone can draw upon. That source has nothing to do with the desires of the physical body, or the self-centeredness of the egoic mind. Yet it is to be found within each of us, accessible by simple means and eager to sustain and nourish the part of us that aspires to a loving, compassionate connection with humankind. Source has many names in different spiritual traditions. Some call it spirit, love or the higher self. Its name is… Read more.

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