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Your vibration creates your reality.
When you choose to be who you are, you dispel any lies that mask your beauty, your potential, your radiance or your love. And what’s revealed is the True and Radiant You.
Don’t ever give up on love!

How To Be Held By The Earth

Spring has arrived, and I invite you to take some time in this magical season to truly connect with the Earth. You are the Earth. Your bones are made out of particles that were once a part of mountains. Your cells are surrounded and penetrated by the ocean. The breath that moves through you once moved through mighty cedar trees and baby pandas. And all the plants and herbs that you partake of come from a love affair with the sun! To connect with the Earth is to remember that you are a part of the mysterious and awesomely creative… Read more.

In the context of your dreams, knowledge always gives you enough reasons not to act.
Get the heck over yourself and feed the joy. None of this really exists so just have fun with it!
A promise is like a goal on steroids. Make a promise. Keep your word. Change your life. Transform the world.
It’s not what material things you leave someone that matters most- it’s more about what you leave ‘in’ them.
Throw your heart over and the rest will follow.
Developing a love affair with yourself is the best way to create Heaven on Earth.
“We cannot foresee what life throws at us. Rather, we can do our best to be prepared and ready to adapt to change.”
Follow your Heart, listen to your Soul but don’t forget to engage your Mind!
Start dreaming, no matter how big or small your idea…. Dreams are essential to living and essential to finding your ‘inner whistle’!
The love we fail to share is the only pain we live with.
It’s not about the money. It’s about what the money’s FOR… you giving your best to the world!
Whatever your circumstances, never underestimate your ability to impact others.
Going through life’s challenges and you don’t see a way out? Take out your life
Go! Make Something Happen.
Play a bigger game.
Now is another chance to start again, to forgive, to love, to dance and to smile.
Dream your life and live your dreams….
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