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Homework Headaches

If you’re tired of feeling like home-life is hijacked by school stress, or watching helplessly while your smart child struggles with school, then this program may just be the answer to your prayers.Elaine Taylor-Klaus & Diane Dempster's Homework Headaches offers the tools you need to support your kids without feeling like your family is being held hostage by school! A comprehensive training program, Homework Headaches is available online, 24/7, ANY time you need it, so you can go at your own pace and learn how to support your kids – without having to drive anywhere. The program combines training and coaching, exercises and strategies, and includes monthly calls with an ImpactADHD Coach. Don't give up on your child’s education, or sacrifice your relationship with your child just to get school-work done. If school stress is making you crazy, let Homework Headaches restore your sanity!

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Finding True Love

Here's what I know for sure: finding true love is possible for…

You Were Born to Be Brilliant

No matter what your background, where you live, how you were…

Deepen 12-Step Programs with Meditation

When looking inward, it's all too easy to fall into confusion,…

Embrace The Process – Enjoy Your Journey

Enjoying the journey leading to the goal is as important as achieving…
Tis the season to let go of things that no longer serve you.

What Makes a Leader

If you are discouraged by all the discord you see in the world,…

Intuition, Cancer & Miracles

The diagnosis of cancer is the first step on a journey of trials and challenge. But what if the cancer experience could become a spiritual pilgrimage - the doorway to a season of growth and renewal? In her uplifting new book, Intuition, Cancer & Miracles, Sara Wiseman shares her journey with cancer and shows how spiritual awakening and healing are always with us. Along with her story, Sara invites readers to directly experience the transformative power of the meditations she used to create healing in her own body. Intuition, Cancer & Miracles is an insightful resource for anyone with cancer and for those who provide support.

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Become Aware

Before you can achieve peace or happiness in your life, you must become…
Success comes fastest to those who see the goal the clearest.

Words of Wisdom

Wisdom is only valuable to the minds that will accept it and…
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