All Things Are Possible


If I could share 500 words to inspire, this is the important wisdom I'd want to pass along to others...

  • Anything is possible, especially if we unite and stand together. Love is the key.

    Remember being children? Remember when our imagination allowed us to believe that anything is possible? What happened?

    See, over time, as we have experienced an often difficult and challenging world, one in which fear has become prominent, our mind and hearts have had a hard time staying open and optimistic. Our mind and hearts have started functioning in scarcity mode rather than sufficiency, believing that we were not enough or would not have enough, that perhaps, nothing would ever be enough.

    Now, perhaps more than ever, we find ourselves in a time of great uncertainty and fear. We have become involved in a war that among many other decisions, many of us have not agreed with. Like children crying to be paid attention to, our cries have felt ignored by the adults who act without thinking, possibly causing more harm than good. We have become divided—the rich and the poor; the republicans and democrats; the religious and the secular; male and female; young and old.

    As the last eight years catapulted into an economic collapse and continued global warming, the belief that we were invincible, that anything was possible for us to handle, dwindled. Stress that used to be manageable became impossible. We succumbed to Fear—fear for our future, for our jobs, for our homes, for our environment, for our health, for our children—and felt alone. With Fear has come the Fear Response, meaning more physical, mental and emotional breakdowns, less capability of handling stress, and a vicious cycle.

    So I want for you to break the cycle.

    I want for you to get back to believing that anything is possible.

    I want for you to find hope and I want you to learn to collaborate. I want you to believe again, “yes we can,” because we all have unique qualities that when put together, make a beautiful and empowered larger whole.

    Know that the difference between fear and courage is only this belief—the belief that anything is possible.

    So begin the collective shift out of fear towards love. Unite and connect to the love and power of others, within yourselves and of the larger universe. With love within you and among you, your hearts and minds will open. You will discover that anything is possible when we unite.

    Yes, we are facing great challenges and threats to our survival. Yes, we have made many mistakes. Yes, we are uncertain of the future. But yes, we have on another. Yes, we can face adversity with dignity, integrity and grace, together.

    Yes we can. With love, we can.

    Dr. Eva Selhub

    Eva M. Selhub, MD, a passionate, articulate advocate of Mind/Body Medicine, enjoys a flourishing career as a speaker, teacher and media spokesperson as well as clinical success treating patients who have triumphed over serious medical conditions and destructive emotional patterns. A staff member of Harvard Medical School, Dr. Selhub served from 1999 until the end of 2007 as Medical Director of Mind/Body Medical Institute founded by the pioneer of mind/body research, Herbert Benson, MD. And now part of the world renowned Massachusetts General Hospital - newly named The Benson-Henry Institute for Mind/Body Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital (BHI). Dr. Selhub now serves as Senior Physician for BHI. She has lectured throughout the United States and in Europe and trained healthcare professionals from all over the world. As an expert in the stress physiology and the mind/body approach to patient care, she has been involved in the training of healthcare professionals from all over the world. Dr. Selhub’s lectures are based on the mind/body connection, the physiology of stress and coping, their relationship to illness, and on enhancing the love that heals. In her clinical practice through Alight Medicine, Dr. Selhub adopts an integrated approach to health and well-being, using both Western and Eastern mind and body techniques in her approach to healing disease and creating optimum health. She emphasizes the mental, emotional, and spiritual elements of physical conditions using her proprietary and practical method for activating and coordinating the mind, heart, body and spirit toward healing. She incorporates the use of her highly-developed intuitive skills into her work and teaches others to recognize and trust their own intuitive abilities. Dr. Selhub’s much anticipated first book, The Love Response, was published by Ballantine Books, division of Random House Publishing, in early 2009.

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