Embrace The Process – Enjoy Your Journey

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If I could share 500 words to inspire, this is the important wisdom I'd want to pass along to others...

  • Enjoying the journey leading to the goal is as important as achieving the goal. Allowing the journey to divinely unfold is the secret to balance and success.

    Achieving goals starts at a very early age and is interweaved throughout our lives. Sell the most Girl Scout cookies. Win the spelling bee. Read the most books over the summer to receive the coveted award. Be in the upper 5% of your high school class to get the college scholarship money. Get the job with the top company. Get the bonus. Get the promotion. Buy a house. Buy a bigger house, etc., etc., etc.

    In between each of these goals or stepping stones is the process or your beautiful journey through life. You are standing at point A and your next goal is point B. The journey between these two points is as important as getting to the next point.

    Are you: Enjoying your journey? Picking up the gems of wisdom? Reading the direction signs? Noticing the little miracles along the way? Having appreciation for the people showing up in your life? Is your heart full of joy and happiness? Are you questioning the challenges, learning the lessons and moving forward? Are you filled with gratitude for the opportunity to be on our planet?

    Ten years ago, after continually meeting all my goals but not finding true inner happiness and peace, I would have looked at this list, laughed and thought “that’s impossible.” You cannot meet goals and have that level of balance and joy. Today, I am happy to report, that this level of balance and happiness is not only possible but can be achieved no matter where you are standing in your journey.

    How do you find this happy, fulfilling balance?

    1. Slow down and look around at your daily life. What little things are you missing by always being in a rush and under time pressures?
    2. Allow yourself to say NO to activities that you dread and/or feel obligated to do. This will free up time for YOU!
    3. Ask yourself some hard questions – Am I happy? Am I surrounded with love? Am I using my gifts to their full potential? Is my life working with ease and grace?
    4. Realize that making changes is good. Get a journal, make a list of things you would like to change or improve upon.
    5. Baby steps are perfect. Take one small thing on your list and work on it. Many small steps lead to big change.
    6. Feed your soul daily – What makes you giggle and laugh and feel full of life?
    7. Love yourself and appreciate your uniqueness. When you are in a state of self love it radiates throughout the world.
    8. Allow yourself to receive help, compliments, and love.

    May you embrace the process and find love, happiness, joy, peace and daily miracles. Wishing you a journey that allows you to create your Happy Rainbow Days!!

    Debbie Teichmann

    As a creative connector and visionary, Debbie Teichmann celebrates each day with love, joy and gratitude. Debbie resides in Phoenix, AZ, and has been happily married for 36 years to her husband, Geoff. She is the mother of 3 terrific grown boys, Erik, Rob, and Tom and grandma to the new joy in her life, Westmalle. Ten years ago, Debbie, a workaholic entrepreneur stepped off her stress-filled hamster wheel onto her path of self discovery. During this beautiful journey of awakening, TAPPING PLAY was birthed and Debbie has been lovingly nurturing her new children, Annabelle, Billy and Franny. Debbie and the gang are so excited about the opportunity for families to connect through singing and tapping. To share your family's experience, learn more about Debbie or future Tapping Play books and projects go to tappingplay.com. 

    For more information, please visit tappingplay.com.

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