Andrew Schrage

Andrew Schrage graduated from Brown University with a degree in economics. He was employed by a Chicago-based investment fund for a short time before he decided to venture out on his own. He and a business partner have since worked on Money Crashers, a personal finance website, starting in 2008. The goal of the site is to educate its readers on better ways to handle their money. Some of the topics it covers include retirement planning, investing, saving for college, generating extra income, and much more.

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7 Lessons To Live Fully

1. Life is far too short to hold grudges. I’ve seen too many people lose precious time that could have been used to become closer to family members, all because of a petty disagreement. You should either come to a resolution, or simply agree to disagree. No grudge is worth holding on to. 2. It is also important to remember that in life, there are two main questions you must ask yourself: Were you able to bring joy to others? And, were you able to find joy yourself? If you can positively answer those two questions, then you can deem… Read more.

Gaining control and knowledge of your finances is one of the most rewarding and fulfilling (and underestimated) things that you can do in your life.