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In 1968, at the age of 18, I left my comfortable home in Beverly Hills fuelled by the nave exuberance of the sixties and searching for truth. I was pulled deep into India, into an ancient order of yogis, into a mystery school not unlike Harry Potter’s, where I was initiated and eventually possessed by a master shaman-yogi, a baba. I was the first foreigner ever initiated into the order of Naga Babas, and I am still there today. The world has changed a lot, perhaps gone upside down, and I never expected nor intended to become an elder in the order, nor a guru. I was taken into the Extraordinary World, where things work a bit differently than the Ordinary World, I was given some insights and revelations, and now I do my best to give blessings to those who come to me, and teachings to my students, some of whom are Indian Naga Babas, some are foreigners. In 2005, Random House released my book, BABA, Autobiography of a Blue-Eyed Yogi, which has now been translated into German, Russian, and Serbian, and has brought people from many different countries and cultures to me. These last couple of years I’ve been making retreats both in India and Europe, in which I bring the participants into the Extraordinary World for a week, and give them a glimpse of oral tradition, which, I’ve discovered, is practically unknown in the west – as it is rapidly disappearing from India.

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Five years old and inspired, watching an episode of the original TV Superman series, I tied a red and white checkered table cloth around my neck, climbed atop a mid fifties altar of a television set, and made a great leap for freedom. I really wanted to fly! Fortunately my father was a surgeon, and rushed me to his clinic to stitch up my injured face. “How could you do something like that?” asked my mother. Yes, it was stupid, but I saw stars. And I heard bells. And I wanted to know how the stars and the bells got… Read more.