Douglas Clydesdale Comstock

Douglas "Clydesdale" Comstock is regarded as an authority on the topic of mental toughness. He is an award winning speaker, inspirational storyteller and coach on the topics of high performance, excellence and mental toughness.
Comstock is a former Alaska "Deadliest Catch" Commercial Fisherman where he worked off the waters of the Kenai Peninsula, Kodiak and Aleutian Islands. Doug was caught in forty foot seas for 48 hours in the Shelikof Strait an area with the highest rate of “non-returning sea vessels” of anywhere in the world. Doug is a Three- time Ironman triathlon finisher, two on the grueling lava fields of Kona Hawaii. He is a 3rd Degree Black Belt and former team member on the US Intersport Karate team to Russia and Poland.
In August 2015, at age 60 Comstock swam 19 miles across the English Channel.

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