Elise Bowerman

Since 2009 Elise has been supporting women and families through yoga. Her enthusiasm is empowering women during their childbearing years. Prenatal Yoga and Mom & Baby Yoga classes are where she dedicates her focus.

Elise has been called a "bright light" with her gentle, yet directive approach. One of her favorite things to hear is how a mom didn't know she had options; and then realizes she does! With great joy Elise provides resources and techniques to incorporate into everyday living to create strong, present and aware moms.

Elise resides in Southeast Michigan, where she was born and raised. You'll catch her with her family when she's not teaching. As a mother of two with a supportive hubby, they enjoy lazy Saturdays, going to the park and the Farmer's Market... then, a date night of fine dining followed by an at-home movie.

Elise is available for speaking engagements, workshops and assisting in yoga teacher training programs. She is a Registered Yoga Teacher 500 and Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher through Yoga Alliance.

For more information, please visit elisebowerman.com.

Entries by Elise Bowerman

10 Tips for Tough Times

Breathe deeply. Breathe fully. Trust life. Watch opportunities unfold before you; especially when things aren’t going according to plan. There’s an immeasurable universe we are a part of. Understand you will not know the answer to “why”. But you can gather information to use to keep moving forward in your life’s purpose. Have confidence in the decisions you make for yourself and family. • When choices feel right in the four corners of your home, then they are right for you. • Loving friends and family will honor your decisions. • If you begin to question your decisions, return to your home…. Read more.