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Jessi LaCosta is the founder of BlueRio Strategies & its Hawk Collaborative. She is a CCE-Board-Certified Leadership Coach, Professional Speaker and Resiliency Advisor who uses breakthrough strategies based in Interpersonal Neurobiology, (IPNB) to transform individuals, organizations and communities. Her vision is to support a world that manifests success through civility, compassion, strategy and sustainability.

Her dedication and unwavering determination in helping others meet their goals and reach for their dreams grew not just from her professional experience and education, but also from her intuitive nature and ability to thrive after multiple traumatic events. These include a car-jacking abduction at gunpoint, and several home invasions. Coming from a bright, creative family with some members who suffer anxiety and autism, has inspired her passion for helping others become more resilient whether they face personal or professional crises.

LaCosta founded the USA’s first CCE-BCC-Approved, veteran-focused Coach Certification Program, (Hawk Eye). It trains individuals (civilians and military) to support veterans, reservists, guardsmen and their families for successful transitioning from the military to the civilian sector. And most recently was BlueRio Strategies was approved by the Center for Credentialing and Education to offer the first virtual and onsite Coach Certification program that combines Leadership, Resilience and Capacity Building influenced by IPNB and Brand-Centered Sustainability - Lead and Thrive©


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Always Know Your Why

So many people reference survivors and how strong they must be. Yet strength is only part of it. An ability to be mindful, to dance with the full circle of emotions that arise from adversity, to process feelings of discomfort, to lean on another for support and to deeply attune with your own inner-truths are the qualities that make you resilient. In this you can do more than just survive. You can thrive. When you awake, take a moment to quietly experience the space. Open your minds’ eye with the curiosity of a child to see what is available to you. Take… Read more.