Kelly McNelis

Kelly McNelis Senegor is the Founder of Women For One, a global movement of authenticity and inspiration. She has interviewed many powerful and spiritual thinkers of our time, and regularly speaks to them on her radio show, The Global Sisterhood. Kelly founded Women For One so that women throughout the entire world can have a place to create authentic dialogue and be inspired to take action in their lives. Currently the website and movement has reached more than 7 million people in over fifty countries in only its second year of existence.

Over the past twenty years Kelly has worked in the fields of organizational development, group facilitation, and training. Kelly believes that we all have an inner voice guiding our intentions and manifestations, and she speaks entirely from that place of truth. Currently she travels the world as a speaker, teacher, and a facilitator of workshops on the benefits of truthtelling, authenticity and personal empowerment. She lives near Seattle with her husband and children and is currently writing her first book.

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This morning, take one moment, one breath, and drop into your heart and experience the beauty and preciousness of this day.

All Is As It Should Be – Powerful Steps to a Peaceful Life

We are all looking for answers, a guidebook for existence, a roadmap. We want to follow measurable steps. Bottom line: we are all seeking peace and joy. At times, I’ve felt confused, cluttered, disempowered and swallowed up by the world. I’ve allowed everyone but me to define my truth and tell me what I need to be. The turning point that revealed the power of choice to me came in my mid-30’s when I woke up one day and asked myself, “What is this life I am living? What do I want to be? What is valuable and important to… Read more.