Linda Murray Bullard

A motherless child at the age of nine, I became a mother myself at the age of fourteen. Although the story is similar to many, I strive each day not to become a part of any negative statistic. I hold two degrees in business administration and am currently working on my Master's in the same.

My book, "[ The Well Ran Dry: Memoirs of a Motherless Child by Bullard, MS Linda Murray ( Author ) May-2013 Paperback ]" target="_blank">The Well Ran Dry: Memoirs of a Motherless Child" holds shelf space in the U. S. Library of Congress and the White House. I am different. Yes, I am the youngest of my parent's many children, and I am also the mother of three sons, a lovely daughter-in-love, five grandchildren and two great grandchildren. And even still, I also have a host of “neighborhood family,” "Church children," and "work children" who look up to me.

In addition to all of that, I am an entrepreneur, a business coach, a transformation coach/speaker, and a mentor. I help people recognize and use the power within their choices. My mantra is, “Change your mind, you change your life.”

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Start Living Your Best Life Today

Life is a wonderful journey to be embraced. Each day has the potential to uncover a new adventure if we condition our minds to look for the positives. My last words to humanity would be to love more, do more, be more, risk more…do all those positive things people said you wouldn’t be successful doing. Life is a one-way ticket. It is by experiencing every single opportunity that we find our destiny and live our best lives. There are dreams unrealized. Goals left unchecked. Visions that have all but dissipated. However, if we still hold a kindle of fire in our hearts… Read more.