Reba Linker

I am a guide, a coach and a teacher, and I am ready to lead the way to a happier, more fulfilled way of life.
As I wrote my first book, Follow the Yarn, what started as a knitting book and memoir became a journey of self-discovery. And, as the book transformed, I, too, experienced a parallel transformation from dance studio owner to Life Coach and Author. I had finally discovered my true purpose, and all the experiences of my life suddenly made sense in a new light.

I was blessed to study with a spiritual teacher for over 30 years. The years of learning have become deeply my own, as I bridge the divide between intellectual knowing and true inner wisdom. In my own journey, my biggest obstacles turned out to be my greatest assets; life has taught me a kind of magical alchemy: to spin the straw of challenging experiences into the purest spiritual gold.

Life is what we make of the materials we are given. We are each given the means to create something beautiful and valuable for ourselves and for those around us. I am passionate about sharing my message through books, coaching and courses.

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Embracing the Mystery

The mystery of life is not random or capricious, and our understanding can grow and grow. Nonetheless, it is an unending mystery, and there is always more to know. Even enlightened beings are still learning, still following their path. No doubt they follow a very elevated path, but a path it still is. What does this mean, in terms of our daily life? It means ALLOW the mystery. Yes, keep on knowing, planning and doing, yet also remember that there is meaning in the cracks in between all the knowing, planning and doing. It means get comfortable with not-knowing, with… Read more.