Regina Cates

Regina Cates has one mission in life: she helps people connect to and lead with their heart.Through the sharing of her own personal experiences, Regina communicates universal truths in a down-to-earth manner that everyone can understand.

But Regina’s life purpose wasn’t always so clear. Fifteen years ago, she found herself alone and depressed on her forty-third birthday, wondering why life had treated her so unfairly. This emotional bottom resulted in a profound shift in her thinking, and from there her commitment to personal responsibility was born. Regina has not been a victim of anyone or anything since that day.

She now teaches others the importance of taking responsibility for one’s own actions, thoughts, and words, and how doing so will transform a victimized state of mind into one of power, purpose, and peace.

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Entries by Regina Cates

How to Make Sure Your Glass is Always Full

Money does not make you rich, character does. There are lots of wealthy people who are absolutely impoverished in character. You cannot buy a reputation for being a person of good character. It is earned by being a respectful, kind and responsible. You are truly wealthy when you accept the greatest legacy you will ever leave is choosing how well you live. Be genuinely grateful for what you have in life and tearing up the list of what you do not have will be gratifying. Attitude is everything. Have an attitude of lack, and life will be a never-ending search… Read more.