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Every day, we share a quote from one of our amazing Inspirational Luminaries on different inspirational topics. (We also share inspirational photo quotes every day too!) These quotes from Gail Lynne Goodwin and our Inspirational Luminaries offer insights on everything that makes up a good and inspired life!

Courageous action happens in spite of doubts and insecurities and bewilderment. It happens like the fast-forward blossoming of a flower – breathtaking and unstoppable.
When you can laugh at your own foolishness without feeling embarrassed, it empties your vessel of ego and many forms of ego.
Pursue your passions because they help define your purpose in life.
Becoming aware is painful, but it is the first and most important step you must take to become who you really are.
If you believe defeat is temporary, it is. If you believe it will ruin you, it does.
Cultivating our innate human capacity to sense and be sensed by all forms of life, is a direct path to a fuller, richer, more joyful human existence.
Discovering and valuing people you really admire is the best way to discover and value yourself.
When you respond to the call of your heart and soul, the universe responds in kind.
Inconvenience is the road less traveled by for those who achieve success.
When we stop talking and start listening, when we stop taking and start giving, when we do what we should instead of do what we want, the lessons will come in abundance.
The key to a better life is being aware in the life we live.
In order to be successful in your professional and personal lives, commitment is not an option; it is a necessity.
We need to be clear about what we want and strong enough to stand up and say, ‘This is mine!’
Mistakes are opportunities for inspiration.
This morning, take one moment, one breath, and drop into your heart and experience the beauty and preciousness of this day.
You’ll only go as far as you’re willing to travel.
When you’re going about your life (and your relationship) as if it’s your idea, as if you’re doing exactly what you want, your life and your relationship are heavenly indeed.
Passion blurs distractions and brings purpose into focus.
Take a pen and a blank piece of paper and begin writing the story of your own life. Don’t stop until you reach an ending that demands a sequel!
In the end, always trust your vibes.
You are the only one who can break away from bad thoughts and see the bright side of every situation.
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