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Every day, we share a quote from one of our amazing Inspirational Luminaries on different inspirational topics. (We also share inspirational photo quotes every day too!) These quotes from Gail Lynne Goodwin and our Inspirational Luminaries offer insights on everything that makes up a good and inspired life!

None of us is perfect. We are all just trying to live our lives as best we can, facing what life throws at us with as much grace as we can muster, being the best person we can be.
Endless are the limits to our happiness. For what we achieve when we let go of our constraints is bound by nothing, and is extraordinary.
Once we connect to the wisdom of our soul we will see how every experience in our life benefits us in fulfilling our purpose.
Remember, you already are everything you wish to be. Just unrealized. In bloom.
Inside each of us is a passion flame – and whether or not it consumes us or fires us in the direction of our dreams is purely a matter of choice.
Love is better done with the heart than with a pen.
There is power in purposeful positiveness: find the gems buried in the dirt of the situation and move down the road you choose.
Your life is at this moment. Embrace it and make it incredible.
Life is about growth, contribution and love; the more you can do those three things, the more abundant your life will be.
Today I need more courage and strength than any other day this year. Reaching deep within, I know it is there.
It’s not until you have the courage to step off the ledge that you’ll realize you’ve had wings all along.
Shine on and live your wildest dreams!
Showing your children your own vulnerability teaches them how to be non-judgmental of others and themselves.
Part of caring is sharing.
Whatever you think you are, you are more than that.
The world-appearance is simply the ever-changing form of the never-changing reality.
When in doubt, ask: ‘What would love do here?’ Then do it!
Great relationships begin within.
Make time for great books, delicious food, candlelight, slow dancing, and stimulating conversation.
You have enormous healing potential. The goal is learning to access it. You can do this. Dig deep. I believe in you!
When we forgive, we know that the light in our heart is aligned with the light in others.
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