Silence brings peacefulness through which I hear my wisest voice. It helps me remember I am more than my analytical left brain and the doing nature of my conscious mind. I remember that I don’t have to DO anything at all to experience Peace, Love, Joy and Freedom. I can simply be still and know that I am already those things.
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Valerie Sheppard

Valerie Sheppard is passionate about helping people experience more happiness, success and fulfillment. Using the 4-step process she created from her own journey of personal transformation, her clients are healing past wounds, overcoming obstacles, and empowering themselves to create more vibrant lives and thriving businesses. Valerie has a diverse coaching background spanning more than 25 years, including working with teens and adults, individuals and groups. She is a certified Sacred Contracts coach and Laughter Yoga leader, and has been trained in compassionate communication, spiritual direction and HeartMath. Valerie is a 2012 nominee for both the Orange County Business Journal’s Women in Business Award, and the 2012 National Association of Female Executives Rising Star Award. She is a national best-selling author with Greg S. Reid of Everything is Subject to Change, has been published in award-winning 11:11™ Magazine, Ezine, Divine Caroline™, and The Natural You™.  Her latest book, The Happy to Be ME! Handbook, is due out in 2014.

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