Value yourself enough to take charge of your happiness. Reclaim the authorship of your life, from where you’ve given it away.

Mark Petruzzi

Mark is the founder of Success Waypoint, LLC. He also is a managing partner in a sales and marketing firm that represents premier professional production lighting and audio equipment to retailers, production companies, and contractors. His work with Success Waypoint includes Executive coaching; designing and delivering professional and personal development workshops; and speaking about stress management, emotional intelligence, self-leadership, and wellbeing, to anyone interested. Because Mark is also currently active in business, he can bring this experience into his coaching, classroom and speaking engagements. All techniques, concepts, practices and perspectives are those he has tried himself. It's all intended for practical effect, right now—and the benefits of the teachings increase with practice. Mark's background also includes leadership or team leadership positions in consumer electronics, information technology services, and financial services Industries. He has held performance consulting, training, and program/project management positions in the information technology services, business services, and financial services (health insurance) industries. He has enjoyed more than 15 years in corporate training, including time with IBM, CIGNA Corporation, and IKON Office Solutions. Mark has formal training in personality type (both the Enneagram of Personality and Jungian-Meyers typologies), and is a certified independent trainer for SpeedREACHingPeople interpersonal communication programs. He is a lifelong learner with a special interest in communication, general psychology, metaphysics, and personal wellbeing. He is currently working on his book, What's Your YQ? Your Answers to These Powerful Questions Could Change Your Life. Mark's 500 words are about self value. For more information on the difference between self esteem and self-value, you might like his blog entry at WordVibes!

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What Do You Think?