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I dare you to engage unstoppable confidence and belief with a wealth of fantastic resources to achieve your goals, realize your hopes, and manifest your dreams.
The people who seem to keep you in restraints have no real hold over you. Once you believe in yourself, not allowing others to influence your decisions, you will notice that the cuffs that once bound you are no longer visible and you are free.
Make living a wonderful art!
The goal is not to be better than anyone else but rather be better than you were yesterday.
Everything can be holy–every moment we live can be holy–and all we need to do to experience that state is to make the decision to do so. Through that intention, we can truly
To be someone you’re not is to waste who you are.
We all have greatness within us that is waiting for us to believe. Once we believe, the foundation is in place for our greatness to take a foothold and grow.
What are you doing about what you aren’t doing?
The single greatest ‘people skill’ is a highly developed and authentic interest in the *other* person.
If you want to dedicate your life to a cause, dedicate it to love, for that is equivalent to planting the seeds of everything great.
None of us is perfect. We are all just trying to live our lives as best we can, facing what life throws at us with as much grace as we can muster, being the best person we can be.
Endless are the limits to our happiness. For what we achieve when we let go of our constraints is bound by nothing, and is extraordinary.
Once we connect to the wisdom of our soul we will see how every experience in our life benefits us in fulfilling our purpose.
Remember, you already are everything you wish to be. Just unrealized. In bloom.
Inside each of us is a passion flame – and whether or not it consumes us or fires us in the direction of our dreams is purely a matter of choice.
Love is better done with the heart than with a pen.
There is power in purposeful positiveness: find the gems buried in the dirt of the situation and move down the road you choose.
Your life is at this moment. Embrace it and make it incredible.
Life is about growth, contribution and love; the more you can do those three things, the more abundant your life will be.
Today I need more courage and strength than any other day this year. Reaching deep within, I know it is there.
It’s not until you have the courage to step off the ledge that you’ll realize you’ve had wings all along.
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