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To live a life to its fullest can be our greatest fear, or simply our most brilliant triumph.
Help a complete stranger if you can, because the blessings will come back to you tenfold and you can impact their life (as well as yours) in a positive way.
What you are looking to create is a positive, happy life: the more you intend that your thoughts are positive and happy, the more that is what you will create.
However justified you may feel in being right and holding a grudge, you’re choosing to suffer. If you let it go, you’re choosing to be alive.
We would not be inspired to do something if it were not intended to be. And if it is intended to be, all for it to be, will be provided.
When you live your life with a glowing heart, you are making a choice to access and flow with Divine energy. You are choosing to live in Love!
Transformation occurs when you listen to the voice that calls out from your soul.
Never stop loving and never stop learning. Both are infinite.
When your heart is filled with love, there is no room for anything else, and it will beat and pulse this love through your whole being. With this circulating force within you, you create your destiny, and you know it must be filled with that same love.
Every person has a super-human-power deep within them that can transmute fear into freedom, lack into lots and limitation into liberation. That Super Power is called GRATITUDE!
There is nothing wrong with the world; the trouble lies in the way you look at it.
Your story is not what happens to you in your life- rather it is what you make happen in your life that is your story.
Embrace fear. Make friends with it. Pay attention. Listen to it. But don’t let it choose the path for you. Ever.
It’s the love within that provides the resilience, the strength and a trust for oneself to get through hardship and pain.
There is no better path to happiness than the pursuit of helping others find joy.
Dare to expand your mind and open-heartedness and live with kindness, virtue and integrity.
No matter how far you might think you have come from grace, your connection to Spirit is always right there, right at your centre. All you have to do is remember it.
Forgiveness frees you to give and to receive love – to joyously do what you came here to do.
Humans are the only creatures with the ability to create love: YOU can create love!
Kindness, unlike stuff, creates joy and blessings in our lives.
Someone once told me that our life experiences teach us how to behave. But I believe our life experiences give us the opportunity to strengthen our true character.
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