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Light is contagious: one tiny spark can breathe new life into the extinguishing flame of another. So spread your Light everywhere.
Of all the things you can make in life, remember you make a difference.
If you build a window, you can see through walls. If you build a door, you can walk through walls. But if you become a master listener, you can hear through the walls of selfishness, judgments and prejudice and thereby arrive at the brilliance of TRUTH.
Your brain and biology are your greatest tools for transformation.
Our attitudes are the crayons that color our world.
A job is what you do for a paycheck. Work is what you do for life.
Emotions are the energies that fuel thinking and choices in life.
Challenge yourself to achieve such amazing feats that the results will astound even you.
Today, I challenge you to set out and conquer fear itself, for once fear is conquered there is but nothing to hold you back.
Your uniqueness is your greatest strength, not how well you emulate others.
Make it safe for people to disagree with you. You’ll be surprised by how much you can learn.
Healing follows forgiveness and is the best gift you can give yourself.
If we believe that life is a sacred journey, then wonder is our road map to a great life.
Age is not a barrier to volunteering!
Impossible is just an opinion.
Realistic, empowered thinking is the key to all success.
Every day you’re alive is a magical gift to be able to wake anew and to experience a new daily adventure that is beyond any monetary value.
Always look for the positive. Don’t let anything stop you or get in the way of your goals and dreams.
Reclaim your personal power – nothing can stop you but you.
Gossip and catty behavior happen. You have the power to make it stop and achieve great things!
The most profound spiritual truth is that which we discover and share… as creators, a profound expression of being is through business.
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