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Inspiration- Fill Your Own Cup First

Yesterday morning I woke up and within one minute of opening my eyes, I’d jumped into work. I spent the first 30 minutes of my day on my computer, paying bills and tweaking things on the site even before I brushed my teeth! I became stressed right at the start of my day. The day before was even worse. Most of that day I felt I was chasing my tail. My mood was quiet and a bit sad, without knowing why. That’s unusual for me… I wondered what was going on? This morning I got up early because I had… Read more.

How Can I Be of Service To You?

A few days ago I had a very memorable experience. I was flying from Denver to Washington, DC for business. I left my home around 4:30 am in order to make my early morning flight to the east coast. I am not a morning person by nature but I was excited about this trip and was up and ready early but still the morning seemed to slip away from me. We hurried to the airport and I got there with my carry-on luggage just as the place was about to board. My husband was boarding one plane, and I… Read more.

Red Light Moments

My husband’s knuckles were white on the steering wheel as he muttered curses at yet another red light. My anxiety started to climb along with his frustration. So I decided it was time for a distraction. “Alright, I fess up,” I said. Dane raised a questioning eyebrow as he glanced at me, still grinding his teeth. “I’m in cahoots with the lights. Frankly, Darling, not to criticize, but there’s a real smoochie shortage around here so I’ve arranged for red lights as an opportunity for you to give me more smoochies.” Dane smirked and rolled his eyes. “Oh yeah?!” “You… Read more.

Inspired Interview: Elaine Starling

Inspired Interview: Kathryn Kvols

To and From Infinity

It took a long time before you were born … I mean a long, long, time. In fact, you could say it took an infinite amount of time before you were born, because your infinity was floating around before your birth. You now have a few years on earth before you will go back into infinity, with no physical presence on earth … at least, not in the mind and body you now rent for your present life-time. You are still in infinite mode right now, but with all the mortal distractions. Not too many people are aware of their… Read more.

Create Grateful, Happy Ripples

As I open my eyes this morning I am filled with gratitude. I usually start my day with all of the things that I’m grateful for in my life, and this morning is no different. This past week was an amazing milestone for In our 5th week after the launch we broke all of our old records for visitors to the site. We reached our greatest audience yet, received a lot of fan mail from folks that just love what we’re doing, (including a custom song written about our site from a new member in Indonesia!). We had more… Read more.

Happy Mother’s Day!

I read a blog post today where the host talked about his idea of the best Mother’s Day present- to share a special memory with your mom. That idea made me smile, for when I took the time to think about it, I am so blessed, as there are so many to choose from! Would I talk about how cool it was to swim with the dolphins in Hawaii, or rave about how special it was the year we spent Mother’s Day flying over glaciers, or the day I taught her how to ski- when she was 60, or no,… Read more.

Inspired Interview: John Dealey

Pain, The Unwanted Gift

At workshops I frequently ask people if they would like to be free of all pain emotional and physical. However, I tell those who sign up for what they think will be a gift to take my phone number with them, so when they experience the problems associated with feeling no pain…they can call and cancel the supposed gift. Think about lepers and diabetics with peripheral neuropathy who are losing their limbs because they cannot feel infections or injuries. Then think about our feelings and emotions and how important it is to respond to them. I grew up with a… Read more.

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