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Off to the wild (and wet) blue yonder

My greatest inspiration comes to me when I’m in the shower. It’s like I’m showering myself with great ideas and somehow finding answers to elusive questions. It’s become such a joke in our family that when I’m stuck on the “how” of a situation, my husband will encourage me to “just go take a shower”. In trying to analyze why the shower has this effect on me, I think it’s because I’m unavailable to the world. For those 15 minutes, cell phones, office lines and email can’t reach me. I’m free to just listen and just be. There’s something magical… Read more.

Inspired Interview: Dave Boufford

Watch What You Ask For

A few months ago I married the most amazing man, Darryl. He’s a pilot who travels and is home for a week, then gone for a week. Flying is his passion and he loves what he does. I fully support his flying and the time that it takes him away from “us”, but at the same time, I miss him. Because Darryl travels and I can work from anywhere, we’ve been spending time in Anacortes, WA, house sitting for a good friend while he’s out sailing. Just last week Darryl and I were talking with his mother about having her… Read more.

Inspired Interview: Robin Hardy

How Deep Are Your Roots?

My son and I went for a walk today in an oceanfront park in Anacortes, WA, in the San Juan Islands of the Pacific Northwest. Lush green, towering cedar trees and fauna of all kinds surrounded us. This forest receives a lot of precipitation making it a very green sanctuary. Many of the trees were covered with moss and the floor was covered with many varieties of lush plant life, from ferns to fungus. If wet had a scent, this was the place to smell it. My nose was filled with the musty smell of dampness mingled with the sweetness… Read more.

Yellow Bugs

My husband and I are spending time in the Seattle area, house-sitting for a friend until the end of September. Today I began the drive from Boulder to Seattle, through Wyoming and Montana. It rained most of the morning, but by early afternoon, the scenery was simply spectacular. The colors seemed so alive and vivid, the landscape fresh and new. One particular field of sunflowers simply took my breath away. I’d driven for more than 700 miles when I started to pay attention to the ribbon of highway in front of me.  The road looked just like the ribbon candy… Read more.

Speaking to Create and Attract What You Want

Are you aware of the incredible impact that your thoughts have on your reality? Are you using the Universal Laws to create the life you truly want? These very basic principles have the power to change your life and help you manifest your dreams. I’m very fortunate in that I am personally living my dream. I love being a professional speaker and I thoroughly enjoy the work I do as a speaking and presentations skills coach. I help healing professionals, authors, entrepreneurs, service providers, and ‘in- tune’ executives learn to speak in public in an authentic way. We work together… Read more.

Inspired Interview: Charlie Breeding

Green Bananas

About two weeks ago we came sailing to the British Virgin Islands, to relax, play, enjoy being together, brainstorm, and to give me time to percolate some ideas I’ve had, including writing a new book. Well, you know me, and know that I believe a lot of things in life are metaphors for your life. After this sailing trip, I think life is a lot like bananas. Let me explain. On our first day here, the 28th of July, I provisioned the boat from Bobby’s, the local grocery store in downtown Road Town, Tortola. I bought a stalk of… Read more.

Manta Rays and Jellyfish

Yesterday we arrived at the Bight, a cove off Norman Island in the British Virgin Islands. We took the dinghy into the beautiful beach just in front of Pirates Bar, which happened to be closed for the upcoming hurricane season. The beach was still beautiful and we were looking forward to enjoying some R&R in the sunshine and playing in the warm waters. The only thing that gives me concern in the waters of the BVI is jellyfish. This trip, it seems they decided to come to the BVI during the same time that we did. We saw them on… Read more.

Inspired Interview: Helen Thomas

Inspired Interview: Sue Atkins

Inspired Interview: Helice Bridges

Unplugged in the Caribbean

I live a very blessed life. I’m still unplugged in the British Virgin Islands, relaxing, writing and getting perspective on my life. We come down here several times each year to think and just be. Funny thing is, I almost wrote that I come here to get away from the self-imposed busy-ness of life. But, how do you spell busy-ness? Would that be business? Interesting, isn’t it? The biggest change in my life when I’m down here is that I don’t use my cell phone. When I’m home it is attached to me. Here, it’s only used if we care… Read more.

Inspired Interview: Esther Bartkiw

Inspired Interview: Aaron Kleinerman

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