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This Too Shall Pass

We have an incredible opportunity to learn things in life by simple paying attention to Nature. For me, today was one of those days. I woke this morning remembering something Dr. John Dimartini shared with me in our interview. He said that when he wakes in the morning, he won’t get out of bed without first shedding a tear of gratitude. As soon as I woke up this morning, before I ever opened my eyes, I lay there in bed thinking of this and listed the many things I was grateful for. I also had a list of “to do’s”… Read more.

Inspired Interview: Checking in with Amilya Antonetti

The Greatest Thing to Collect- Friends

About 25 years ago I was invited to a birthday party for my friend Louis, a mentor and a man I greatly respected. Although I was in my mid 20’s and he seemed quite old, (I’m guessing he was around 70), I was excited to attend his party. Louis told me that this party was ‘a small gathering for his closest friends’. I was living in Los Angeles and the party was being held in Las Vegas, but I didn’t want to miss it so I made the arrangements to travel to be there. I’ll never forget walking into the… Read more.

Life as an Aspen Tree

If you follow my blog you’ll know that many times I talk about looking to Nature for answers to life’s mysteries. For me, no matter the question, if I spend time in the woods I’ll find the answer. Nature has a wisdom to it that can teach us so much- if we pay attention. The aspen tree is the perfect example. The leaves of the quaking aspen have an unusual ability to twist and bend to protect the trees from severe winds. Their twisting motion helps the tree to dissipate the energy more uniformly throughout the canopy- to reduce the… Read more.

How Are You Today?

If I were to ask you, “How are you today?”, the overwhelming majority of you would say, “I’m fine”. Our society has trained us to think that is the right answer. But when you think about that response, it has little meaning. I believe that when someone asks “How are you today?”, they are looking for a way to start a conversation. Sometimes they sincerely want to know . The problem is the question has lost it’s meaning and people expect you to answer with “I’m fine, thank you”. A few months ago I wrote a blog sharing how I… Read more.

You Are Not Your Problems

It’s an overcast Spring day in Montana, as I’m sitting here by the lake watching the wind create waves on the surface of the water. Clouds are blowing by, slowly. Patches of blue sky can be seem intermittently through the passing clouds. It’s dark, gray and a bit dreary. Raindrops are beginning to fall. If I were just looking at my immediate surroundings it could be quite depressing. But… in the distance I can see the sun shining brilliantly on a mountain peak. Just at that one place, the clouds part, the mountain breaks through and the peak glows in… Read more.

Life is Like a Carton of Eggs

My son teases me about my blog and when something happens he’ll say, “Oh no, she’s going to blog about this”. He’s even made a game out of it when we’re hiking where he’ll point to a tree or some other object and say something like, “What would your tree blog be about…”, and off I go. He affectionately makes fun of me, but in a playful way. He seems to think I could write a blog on just about anything. I’m not sure it that’s a compliment or not, but regardless, it did get me thinking about the question-… Read more.

The Wisdom of Koda

For many of us, our pets are an important part of our life. Almost every day I spend time with Koda, our 2 year-old Samoyed pup. His favorite thing is to go for a walk or a hike with me. If I don’t take him in the morning, by early afternoon he walks into my office, sits in front of my desk, looks up at me as sad as can be and “talks” to me. He makes this pleading noise that sounds like he’s talking and which is quite difficult to ignore. I know what he wants and more importantly,… Read more.

Perspective- As Compared to What?

Yesterday we took Koda, our big white fluffy fur ball of a dog for a hike in the newly fallen snow by our home in Montana. Being a Samoyed, Koda loves the snow and went bounding into the forest and fields jumping, rolling in it and playing in every way possible. I had to laugh at his unbridled enthusiasm. What struck me the most was our big white furry dog was no longer white- he was cream colored against the backdrop of the stark white snow. I smiled and wondered how many other things in my life I automatically judge… Read more.

Today’s Brilliance by Max Ehrmann- The Desiderata

This morning I wanted to share one of my very favorite poems with you, called the Desiderata. It was written more than 50 years ago by a man named Max Erhmann. If this sounds familiar as you’re reading it, this was turned into a recording and was quite popular on the radio in 1971. I just purchased the recording on iTunes this morning. This powerful little poem was the inspiration behind our Today’s Brilliance on As you know, each day we ask a new Inspirational Luminary, “If today were your last day and you had 500 words to share… Read more.

Thank You For Being Part of Our Community

Dear Friends, My blog today is a bit different in that it’s a personal letter from me to you. Let me start by saying, “Thank you” for being such a valued member of our community. I personally appreciate your support. I wanted to talk with you today about several things that we’ve been working on for the last few months. Recently you might have noticed a few minor changes to the site where we implemented your recommendations for improvement. We asked, you answered and we responded. We greatly appreciate your input which allows us to constantly improve our site… Read more.

Inspired Interview: Mariel Hemingway

On the Wings of Desire

We hope you enjoy this guest post from Perry Hicks! Most of what we think we need can really be resolved down to one thing: Love. Blind to the lush garden of affection all around us, too many wander alone, thirsting as if they we were in the midst of a barren desert. Succombing to our fears, love becomes as elusive as a mirage shimmering on the horizon; a destination to be despaired of ever attaining. The truth is that we need not trudge on through a life of emotional desolation. Love does always find a way. Furthermore, it will… Read more.

Valentines from the Universe

Yesterday afternoon I took a break and went for a walk with my dog Koda along the shore of Flathead Lake, where we live in Northwest Montana. Flathead Lake is the largest lake west of the Mississippi- about 12 miles wide by more than 30 miles long. The shoreline of this alpine, mountain lake is very beautiful, covered with rocks of all shapes and sizes. I needed a break from what could have been a stressful situation, so I went for a walk to play on the beach with Koda and reconnect with nature. Walking along the beach I started… Read more.

Timeless Brilliance- This Too Shall Pass

As a global society, we’re going through some tough times. Some days it feels like we’re in a rut and we’ll be stuck here forever. I want to remind you that whatever difficulty you are experiencing in your life- this too shall pass. On this day, March 4th, 2010, do you recognize these words below? “In such a spirit on my part and yours we face our common difficulties. They concern, thank God, only material things. Values have shrunken to fantastic levels; taxes have risen; our ability to pay has fallen; government of all kinds are faced with serious curtailment… Read more.

Don’t Settle For Anything Less Than Everything

Where in your life are you settling? This past weekend I had a long conversation with a friend who unexpectedly announced she’s getting married. Usually that’s cause for celebration but in this case it isn’t. My reason for saying that is this- she’s getting married for the sake of not being alone, rather than because she believes this man is the love of her life. As she says, “We’re good friends and I don’t believe I’ll ever find bliss, so it’s better to settle than be alone”. While I understand her not wanting to be alone, part of me is… Read more.

Lessons Learned From an Eagle

Yesterday morning a bald eagle came to visit me at our home on Flathead Lake in Northwestern Montana. I saw him on a tree just off our deck, as I opened the door to let our dog, Koda, outside. It was a chilly morning and I was still in my robe. Not wanting to miss this opportunity, I quickly grabbed my camera and ran back out to the deck, only to find it covered with a thin coat of ice. (I almost went flying.) It was disconcerting how this eagle just sat there in the tree looking at me. I… Read more.

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