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Releasing The Power Within

If you could wake up tomorrow feeling your heart wide open, your mind clear and fresh, and with your worries and problems suddenly appearing easily manageable – and all that, as a perpetual state that you can’t pay for, or run away for – wouldn’t you take a minute to find out how it would be possible? Twenty-six years ago, I learned that each of us has a special power waiting inside that would simply love to lift us up from just surviving, to really thriving. We have heard about the magnificent effects of this benevolent energy from the founders… Read more.

Remembering We Are The Children of Love

You and Life are One. The living, breathing Source of all Life, that most call God, Allah, Great Spirit, etc., is the same Love from which we are born. We mistake our identities as individuals when we forget who we are and where we come from. That light and life lives in each of us, yet is often covered over by the mind. However, even your mind and your thoughts are that Love, yet packaged in the experience of disconnection. How about you? Are you experiencing disconnection from your true self? If you are, here is one easy way to… Read more.

Abundance or Vision… Which Comes First?

Sometimes I wonder which came first, the chicken or the egg. Recently I had an experience where a woman, Sue, visited our home and saw our vision board hanging in our bedroom. Sue was the wife of a contractor who was doing some repair work at our home and stopped by to visit with her husband. Sue works as a cleaning lady and in her mind, had already categorized us as “rich people”.  I know what that’s like, for I spent my childhood and the early part of my adult life thinking that I too was separate from the abundance around… Read more.

Inspired Interview: Jennifer Louden

Watch What You Ask For…. and Be Specific!

The Law of Attraction states that what we focus on will show up in our life.  The Bible teaches, “Ask and ye shall receive”. Recently, I’ve also learned that we also need to be specific. My office in our new home has become my sanctuary. I love being in the space, surrounded by artwork, photos, and mementos from friends and travels worldwide, along with a wall of windows overlooking a beautiful Montana forest. Over the past week I’ve been thinking about adding the color green to my office. Just yesterday, one of our upcoming Luminaries, famed astrologer and feng shui… Read more.

Top 10 Things I’ve Learned from Bejeweled

Recently, I learned yet another lesson from a game called Bejeweled 2. I blogged about this game some time ago, but find I’m compelled to write about it again. For me, this game is a form of meditation as it requires great focus. I play it in my spare time, like when I’m waiting at the dentist’s office or at the airport. Some days that may be 15-20 minutes and sometimes life gets too busy and I won’t play for days. However, I always come away from the experience with a lesson. So, I decided to share my Top 10 Things… Read more.

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