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What You Know to Be True, Happens for You

During the course of daily life, we are faced with a series of choices. Each choice comes with its own consequences, some lasting longer than others. Choices made out of fear or desperation will lead you to reacting from your head rather than leading with your heart. Fear is a useless emotion that will cause you to say and do things you will surely regret. Always have a plan in place to nip fear in the bud when you feel it start to bubble up. This will serve you well. The distance from your head to your heart is only… Read more.

6 Easy Steps to Reach Your Dream

When I personally set off to visualize a dream or a goal, I use the letters of my name, G.A.R.C.I.A. as a formula or guide to focus my vision in the area I am pursuing. You might try this with your name. Go for it. I visualize my goals. All I have to do is simply recall that as a young boy, I could barely speak English and my education was suffering, and that I worked under the blazing sun for 12-13 hours a day, as a laborer, for 40 cent an hour. I remember that I felt like I… Read more.

Inspired Interview: Karen Berg

Surrender and the Power of Prayer

Normally, we think of surrender in one way. For example, I don’t know how many of you have seen the movie Life of Pi, but in it, the main character finds himself in the middle of the ocean without food, without water, and with nowhere to go. Eventually, in his desperation, he calls to the Creator and he says, “Okay! I give myself to you! I surrender!” That’s one kind of surrender. But that’s not the surrender I’m talking about. There’s another form of surrender-aggressive surrender- which is when I can say to myself, “I’m prepared and I’m willing to… Read more.

Align Yourself with Universal Love

By Michael Cupo. We make our life what it is, but we are not the creator of it. We are created by Universal Love with the intention of spreading Love and making the lives of others a masterpiece. Think of your life as a giant canvas. Everyday you have an opportunity to paint a new picture. The more your mind is settled, the more in touch you become with your creative self. You can make each day a masterpiece inspired by love, or you can just create an ordinary day of existence. There is nothing wrong in this, it just… Read more.

What If Life is But a Dream?

Many of us have had the experience of awaking from a vivid dream or nightmare and being certain that what we dreamed really happened. Then, as we awaken more, we realize we were only dreaming. It didn’t really happen. Or did it? We can have the reverse experience too—dream-like moments happen even though we are awake. One day, while holding my grandson Kai on my lap, I had a waking dream. As if it were yesterday, I remembered sitting on my grandfather’s lap. In a dreamlike way I wondered how I had become the grandfather, and so quickly too. In… Read more.

Tips for This Journey Called Life

Participate in life or it will pass you by. What does participate mean? It means to reach out and seek everything. Taste every flavor, smell each aroma, see every facet, hear every note and touch every texture. Life’s a huge smorgasbord, with so much variety that it is impossible to taste everything. Life is also like a big washing machine, churning and mixing all its ingredients all the time. At the smorgasbord or in washing machine, we find people, opportunities, challenges and the failures. It is ultimately up to each of us to decide who or what to choose. We… Read more.

Unlucky in Love? Check Your Belief System

“I’m in my mid 50’s and always keep my eyes out for someone to love but never find anyone. In my mid 20’s I was engaged to a really great guy. We would have married but between the Church and families and moving our plans just got derailed. After that I thought I was in love a few times but they really didn’t love me. They just didn’t. In 1998 I adopted a daughter on my own because I desperately wanted children. She is the love of my life. But I really wanted a whole family. So in 2000 I… Read more.

Don’t Let Your Triggers Control Your Reactions

By Michael Cupo. We all have our triggers that set our reactions in motion. To be in harmony with life, we need to learn what pulls our trigger. A reaction can not occur if the trigger isn’t pulled. What triggers the mind from a place of peace to an agitated state? This will have to be understood if you are to go beyond the triggered control. It happens so fast that you alone can’t stop it from occurring. This is where knowledge is of no use. You can be very intelligent, but it doesn’t equate to knowing how your own… Read more.

Life Feeling Too Dull? Change Your Perception

I, like you, am just a normal person living a normal life. But, by “normal” I don’t mean mundane. Nothing that exists in this universe should ever be seen as mundane! Take a moment to breathe. Look around you right now. You see a computer, a desk, maybe a window and trees outside. You see your hands. You feel your clothes against your skin. Perhaps you smell dinner cooking, or notice the familiar scents of your office. Everything you have noticed just now is a miracle. Once, none of it existed. Can you picture the total absence of everything? When… Read more.

9 Lessons for A Happy Life

I would offer my 9 steps to a happy life…. 1. Build something that you believe in – a relationship, a family, a company or a project. Focus on what you can do today to get where you want to be. 2. Learn the art of letting go. You will have to let go of friends, family, beloved pets, money and objects during your lifetime and sooner you accept change the easier life becomes. 3. Smiles and compliments are free and they make all the difference in the world as our connections with people are relational and have a ripple… Read more.

Providing Motivation for Staff and Colleagues

By Grahak Cunningham. Whether you are a manager, business owner or employee, everyone wants to have a good day at work. This article aims to look at some ways to motivate yourself and/or your staff and how to avoid the opposite. What prevents us from having a great day Most of us have a position of employment which involves being repetitive on some scale. Regular work place, regular work hours and regular repetition of the same tasks. Without the right mindset, it is a simple recipe for losing satisfaction, motivation and fulfillment in a workplace, either yourself or your staff…. Read more.

Inspired Interview: Grahak Cunningham

Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Heart

Sometimes we think about things too much. We need to be more in the heart. The mind is a part of our existence that causes real problems when we are attempting something. Everybody on earth has experienced the stream of endless and meaningless thoughts that crop up in the mind. Think back to a time when you have been lying in bed unable to sleep. Never-ending banter and thoughts make you agitated and restless. As a result you toss and turn and cannot rest. The mind will do this 24/7 unless you learn to invoke silence, to access a deeper… Read more.

Our Higher Self

By Michael Cupo. Our higher self is always there, just waiting. When we understand the stillness beneath all our stories, we will align and connect with our waiting higher self. We are not always aligned with our higher self and this is our misgiving. It’s not that we can’t always be aligned, but we have to do the things that will allow it. Our alignment is in relation to how much we try and control our life. This is thought based. Certain aspects of our life need to be controlled, but the parts that are beyond our control, why do… Read more.

Heartfelt Brilliance That You Simply Must Read

The greatest power in the universe is faith. The same force that gives rise to the longings in our heart is guiding our lives towards their fulfillment. Like wind in our sails, when we let go and allow the Divine breezes of support and insight to direct our lives we discover a happiness and contentment beyond what we could have dreamed of for ourselves. Fear tells us that we can only be happy in certain situations and as long as such and such does or does not happen. Unfortunately, it is these ideas of what will make us happy that… Read more.

Today’s Brilliance from Margot Potter

I’m a restless sort of a gypsy soul and I have found that following my intuition and my heart has led me on a fascinating journey. I have come to understand in the course of my lifetime that the only thing that matters, the only thing that is real is love. When I speak of love, I mean absolute unconditional love. When we love unconditionally, we are reaching our highest purpose. When we learn to love unconditionally we also learn to forgive. When we learn the power of forgiveness and come to understand that forgiveness isn’t a sanctioning of bad… Read more.

The Key to Having Endless Energy

Do everything you do with every fiber of your being. This includes important activities, like preparing a presentation for work or expressing love to your spouse or children, but it also includes everyday things like washing the dishes, balancing your checkbook, or talking to the checkout clerk at a store. Most people are so afraid of depleting themselves they constantly hold themselves back. But if you give to the last drop, you’ll be surprised to discover you have more energy than you ever dreamed of. In fact, you have a source of infinite energy inside you; it can’t be depleted…. Read more.

Are You Pursuing Your Dreams?

We all have the ability to live life on our terms, but yet many of us don’t realize this till it’s too late. What would you do if you had one day to live? Would you pursue your dreams and do all the things you haven’t done yet? But, why wait till the last day of your life to do what you love? Don’t wait. If you want to pursue your dreams, there is no better time to start than right now. We do not have anything to fear, but fear itself. Our surroundings, circumstances, and society tell us exactly… Read more.

Being Right or Being at Peace

By Michael Cupo. Even if you are right, the question is: are you at peace? Selfish energy or the loving energy of God, this is our choice. The energy selected becomes the energy of our life, this is our dilemma. When we are wronged even if our anger is justified, if we do not love we are the ones who suffer along with all those around us. But are there no exceptions to this, how about if a loved one is harmed? The Old Testament said an “eye for eye,” but the message of Jesus was to “turn the other… Read more.

Your Happiness IS a Choice

When you realize that happiness is a choice, a lot of things change. They get easier. It’s easier to have fun, relax and move forward in your life with the things that matter. Realizing that happiness is a choice didn’t come easy though. I believe that having a strong sense of self-awareness really allows you to see how achievable happiness is and what happiness actually means. When I could really understand myself and my goals and really not let other people’s perception of me or my goals bother me…being happy got a lot easier. For a while I was too… Read more.

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