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3 Tips for Building Personal Courage

I wasn’t always afraid of heights. As a kid, I climbed trees and swung from the monkey bars – and you did, too, didn’t you? So what happened between ages 10 and age 40 that made me (us) incapable of standing on the edge of anything? What happened was that somewhere along the way, I let fear close a door. And after it closed one door, it closed others, until I was not just afraid of heights, but afraid to ride my bicycle too fast, or even climb a ladder. “My life is fine without those things,” I thought. Then,… Read more.

Inspired Interview: Janice Holly Booth

3 Lessons for Empowering Yourself

I experienced a shattering of my life at the peak of my success, when I was living my dreams to the fullest. As I hit rock bottom, I saw the light and was able to turn negativity into something positive, constructive, meaningful, purposeful and beautiful. My firsthand experiences taught me very valuable lessons that I like to share with others. Power of Forgiveness: Do not hold anger, pain, revenge, resentment and hatred towards others. If you look closely in the mirror of self-reflection, you will realize that by holding negativity you are abusing your mind, body and soul. The best… Read more.

9 Nuggets of Wisdom, Joy, and Love

I want to share some nuggets of wisdom that I have learned in my thirty years that will hopefully help you live a more happy and fulfilled life. Enjoy. Love yourself unconditionally no matter what! If you don’t love yourself, how will you ever be able to love anyone else and fulfill the need for connection that we all so desperately crave. Know that you are a beautiful creation and you deserve all the love and happiness that life has to offer. Be grateful everyday for another day of life. Don’t take this for granted! Follow your passions in life,… Read more.

Waking Up to Gratitude

I have a beautiful friend named Marsha, who has been married to Harry for over 40 years. Marsha says, “When I wake up in the morning and realize I am breathing, and then I hear that Harry is breathing too, then I just know it’s going to be a good day.” Since Marsha shared her morning ritual, I have taken on a similar attitude. While still in bed, before I move a muscle, I cast a joyful anticipation of all the possibilities the day holds for me and I give thanks for the opportunity to live it. As I move… Read more.

How Can I Put the Past Behind Me?

“Dear Sara, I grew up in Canada in a dysfunctional family with alcoholism, emotional abuse and neglect, then moved with my family to New Zealand when I was a teenager. My mother was unable to show any love or affection and I have tried for many years to seek approval and my mother’s love. My childhood and adolescence had a significant impact on my mental health and happiness. I thought I was a bad person until I completed a social work degree and realised that my mother was not capable of loving and learned about childhood conditioning. My sister was… Read more.

You Are Not Your Results

I like to think I was a control freak, but I guess I still am. Back in the old day I was a micromanager, taking responsibility for every aspect of a project even if it wasn’t mine. I would stay awake at night worrying about outcome. I would plan and scheme what else I could do to make the project work. Fortunately, for the most part, I have released much of those tendencies. My next challenge is releasing my focus on outcome for things that define success for me. Many a sage says to release the outcome. It is about the journey not the… Read more.

How to Enjoy Your Life Rather than Worry About It

Once upon a time, a man was walking through the jungle. Sensing a presence, the man looked over his shoulder and saw a tiger slinking through the foliage, following him. Quickening his pace, the fellow followed the path he was on until he reached a cliff. Looking back once again, he saw the tiger was still there and coming closer. Standing with his toes over the edge, the man noticed that there was a vine running down the cliff face and he swung out onto the vine in order to escape the tiger. Just as he quickly lowered himself down,… Read more.

Inspired Interview: Mark McIntosh

Focus on Love, Not Worry

When people are asked, at the end of their lives, what they wish they had done differently, there is a clear theme. Invariably, people say they wished they had appreciated the little moments more. This is consistent both among those perceived to have accomplished a lot, and those who had led simpler lives. Those who have spent their lives worrying become bitter toward the end, while those who appreciated the journey end their lives with joy. Think about how you will feel on your own deathbed, and let it impact your attitude right now. Place No Limits on Life’s Joy… Read more.

Trust In Your Path

Trust that your path is always perfect… That seems like a simple statement but as we know, simple is not the same as easy. Being a control freak is a well-loved tradition in my family – trying to control events, people and even the future can be exhausting. For me, learning to let go and trust the process of life has been nerve-wracking, nail-biting and ultimately, monumentally freeing. During one prolific struggle, a dear friend looked me in the eye and said, “You have to trust that your path is always perfect. It’s the timing we wrestle with.” Those words… Read more.

Living the Downward Way – Through the Senses to the One

To truly know what it means to be human, to feel fully alive, is to deepen awareness of our interconnectedness with the greater web of life. This awareness is innate; we are born with it. But as we are indoctrinated into the social and technical complexities of the industrialized world, maintaining that awareness requires conscious effort. Our innate human senses are dulled by the assault of distracting forces in our hyperactive, social-technological systems. Such is life in the human-built world. But life can be richer, more glorious and refined, when we use our eyes, ears, nose and skin to return… Read more.

School of HP: 5 Things Your Body Needs To Be Healthy

Every time we go on a beach vacation, to Mexico for instance, we end up at an all-inclusive resort.  We love it because everything is taken care of. We don’t need to worry about cooking or what to do at night because all is provided. Just relax and recharge for a week or so and enjoy. Our kids love it, our friends love it, and we love it.  There is one thing in particular, however, that I found intriguing, which made me understand what the body needs to be healthy and in proper working condition. Here is how that realization… Read more.

How to Access Your Intuitive Wisdom

What matters most to me is trusting my intuitive wisdom and having the courage to follow where it leads. For example, a few years ago, I boarded a train heading from London to Nottingham. It was a two hour journey and I recalled having picked up a magazine in a mind-body-spirit bookstore, which I had stuffed into my bag. Taking it out, I began reading an article. Halfway through, I heard a voice saying, “You can do this. You can write articles that inspire people.” The voice was so loud I looked around to see who had spoken, though I… Read more.


So often we don’t we have what we want. Why? The more I think about this question and review my own life attitudes, the more I come up with the same answer: We don’t feel we deserve it. So many of us feel we must earn worthiness. Repeating Hail Marys, trekking to Mecca, toiling in the Amazon, writing incessantly, doing massive loads of laundry, cooking massive amounts of meals, denying ourselves massive amounts of what pleases us. Sometimes we think we can earn worthiness by stockpiling money, houses, fame, titles, awards, degrees, publications. When we’ve achieved these, we may look… Read more.

Anything IS Possible!

All Things Are Possible

Anything is possible, especially if we unite and stand together. Love is the key. Remember being children? Remember when our imagination allowed us to believe that anything is possible? What happened? See, over time, as we have experienced an often difficult and challenging world, one in which fear has become prominent, our mind and hearts have had a hard time staying open and optimistic. Our mind and hearts have started functioning in scarcity mode rather than sufficiency, believing that we were not enough or would not have enough, that perhaps, nothing would ever be enough. These past few years, we have found ourselves… Read more.

3 Ways To Reveal Your Talents

Sometimes, we conceal ourselves from ourselves. Not wanting to acknowledge the person we are, in all our special gifts, until we are forced to be guided by the wits of what life has taught us. A failure to engage, stuck in the rut, feeling unfilled, because…. We do that until we grow into this ever-evolving trail of life, eventually seeking ways to find meaning after challenges have found us with no zap in our story. Then we start on the quest to find value in our narratives. We are each bestowed with abilities of wonder, making us this unique blend…. Read more.

School of HP: Fathers Are Special!

Fathers are a special breed They are there to guide and lead To inspire and protect Point out cause and the effect Separate the wrong from right Show when it’s OK to fight Be the man who’s standing strong And kiss the boo-boo so it’s gone Fathers play so many roles They help us achieve our goals While sometimes forgoing theirs Because all they do is care So today, we as a nation Offer thanks in dedication As collectively we strive And give our dads the Highest Five!

Your Spiritual GPS – Soul Writing

Imagine that earth is actually a school, a place where spiritual beings come to experience all there is to learn about life in a physical body. Your life is part of a series of lessons—all part of a curriculum you decided on before your soul entered your body. Now picture yourself as that little soul still in spirit, patiently awaiting the next transport to earth. Your book bag is filled with all the tools you’ll need. But of everything in that book bag, the most important gift your creator gave you is your “phone home card.” It was tucked in… Read more.

Can I Choose to Stay Positive?

“I have been having a difficult time lately with staying positive. It seems as if there is so much going on that it’s difficult to try and stay positive. I used to be happier… How can I get through the day being positive?” ~ Julie Hi Julie, Thanks for your question, I get this one a lot and I want you to know that even “Mr. Positive” isn’t able to “Stay Positive” all the time! Even though your life is very busy here are three things you can do in ten minutes or less to immediately to shift your attitude when you are not feeling… Read more.

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