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Believe in yourself, because you’re worth believing in.
Anyone can change the world with the willingness to surrender to a Higher Power, to shift their perception, to become accountable and to take a leap of faith regardless of outer conditions.

Bring Out Your Inner Diamond

I believe that each of us is a rock, the most beautiful, strongest rock imaginable – a diamond. You are a diamond, and like that precious stone your life has many facets which took years to forge. Diamonds begin as lumps of carbon deep in the earth’s surface. Years of extreme pressure and force shape them into unique, amazing stones. Isn’t life like this? Over time you go through great pressures and forces that shape the person you become. Extracting diamonds takes work; they don’t just magically rise to the earth’s surface. The same is true for your life. Cultivating… Read more.

To be your most inspired unstoppable self, invite Divine Intuition to guide your thoughts and actions every day!
Happiness is not in your bank account, it’s in your home.

The Secret To True Leadership

What does it take to be a leader in your business, your community, your family and your relationships? Try being a servant. The concept of “servant leadership” in business, developed by Robert K. Greenleaf and popularized by Steven Covey, proposes that one becomes a successful leader primarily by meeting the needs of others rather than one’s own. This causes others to feel valued and respected, which in turn leads to their respecting and valuing their leader and perhaps their employer. It’s a pretty powerful concept, which you can adapt to all of your relationships. If you focus on meeting others’… Read more.

We all have greatness in our ‘hardware’ – we all signed up for greatness when we came into this life and we are simply learning to awaken it in one another.
Most problems in the world come from one source: self-abandonment. Most can be solved by one choice: learning to love yourself and share your love with others.

The Fastest Way To Happiness

The fastest way to happiness and peace is the absolute acceptance of WHO YOU ARE right in this moment. The nature of humanness is divinity. This is evident in many of the daily “miracles” of our existence: our body, the seasons, the supreme organization of the universe. We know this in our cells, our bones. There is a deep resonance to the truth that we are all connected, that divinity expresses ITSELF as us, exactly as we are. The ego says, “Ok, you have the capacity to love and sure, you might be an expression of the divine, but until… Read more.

We are one with a similar pulse. And yet, it is the differences in our cultures, customs and creeds that makes life rich.

You Can Have It All!

Life is not an ALL or nothing situation. I’ve spent a lot of years thinking that it was. Thinking that if I had plenty of time to spend with my family it meant that I couldn’t have a successful career. Or that if I had a lot of income coming in that I couldn’t or even shouldn’t enjoy what I was doing. The either/or scenario seemed to overshadow me. But I’ve started to notice that the times in my life when I am most happy are when I am in “both” mode. Like when I work efficiently during the day… Read more.

The more you recognize happiness, the more you’ll experience it.

Make Your Life a Work of Art

Conscientiously make your life a wonderful, beautiful piece of art. Slow down! Live. Be aware of your surroundings. Sometimes we are so wrapped up in our daily lives that we don’t take the time to see, hear and smell the every day beauty that surrounds us – something as simple as a blade of green grass, the crisp popping sound of a flag blowing in the wind, the smell of gas fumes from a passing bus. Okay, so bus fumes are bad, but that’s not the point. The point is – you’re ALIVE to smell those bus fumes! You’re experiencing,… Read more.

How To Live Fully and Joyously

Reignite longing for the love you sought with first breath in this life; Recall the dream that called you here, the call you recognize. You are not what others label you, nor can you be unloved; Your path through life is blessed by Earth below and sky above. Even feeling weak and troubled, your words and smiles heal; You are the very conduit by which dreams become real. You are not the triumphs nor the troubles you or others think you caused; Nor are you bad or evil, nor can you ever be truly lost. The purest essence of your… Read more.

Only when your mind expands in love to fully embrace all that is, just as it is, will you see that everything exists within you.
We ALL go through challenges and obstacles. YOU have a choice on how to react.
Things are a lot more likely to work out if you make plans and start moving forward.
Fear and doubt keep the doors of life closed. Faith is what kicks those doors open.

Issues? Never Let It Take You Down!

I truly believe that everyone has some disability and shouldn’t let it get in the way of their dreams. There are disabilities that are visible and others that aren’t. Because of my dystonia, I have trouble using my arms to do certain things. I can’t carry some things, write or do certain sports. Sometimes I get embarrassed in school when I drop something or my arms twitch uncontrollably. My friend, Max, made me feel so much better one day when he said to me that at least I wasn’t short. He said that being short isn’t something you can hide… Read more.

You can be, have, or achieve anything you desire as soon as you decide to be, have, or achieve it. It’s your choice.

How To Be A Spark Of Inspiration For Others

Creating and inventing something are a reflection of who you are – a spark of inspiration in action for others. It helps you change the world for the better and keep a positive focus on the future. It is your creativity that makes you great – and it is the foundation that drives your innovator spirit and expands your vision. Recognize that when you are told “you are a blessing in my life”, it is not only a reward but it validates your expertise and dedication to color the lives of others. Understand that innovation can play a significant role… Read more.

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