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True happiness is proportional only to my yielding to the brokenness, and not to my refusing to accept it or to my struggling to overcome it.
Learn what will give your life its greatest meaning and purpose, and then go for it. As you walk your dharma path, plan well and wisely. And do not forget to make THOUGHT your powerful ally, as belief is the fuel that powers the engine of action.
Everyone has a gift from God – use that gift for good.
Your greatest moment in life is right before you stop believing in yourself.
The only way to get what you want is to risk being uncomfortable. The greater your gratitude for discomfort, the greater the opportunity.
Inner peace is a state of mind, a lifestyle choice, a conscious decision not to be adversely affected by what is occurring around us.
Everything is better with glitter!
The key to spiritual intelligence is tuning into another voice – the voice of our higher self.
Never worry about what to do, simply decide how to be.
Who says you have to wait for Thanksgiving to be thankful? Try it right now!

As A Man Thinks So Is He…

As A Man Thinks So Is He… Build mutually beneficial winning agreements, relationships and arrangements every where you go. One of the master keys in living a fruitful rewarding life is fostering and growing a healthy relationship with your creator and other people you position yourself around. You will be and become like the top 5 people and things you hang out with and listen to most. The three most powerful letters I have ever encountered are W.H.Y.  These three letters are the most powerful letters because they spell a word that reveals intention and motivation of a person’s heart…. Read more.

It is important to make one’s life a dance or a work of art. To be fluid enough to be silent as a still lake, then as gregarious as a party host, then as compassionate as a mother, then as creative as a painter. In short, your life can be a multidime
Gratitude is the key.
When you laugh with others you can’t help but bounce a little joy back into your own heart.
My relationship with God is no different to my relationship with the guy serving me coffee at Starbucks.
Kids like me should learn the joy of giving back. We should stand up for animals that cannot stand up for themselves because animals need a voice, and kids can be that voice.

Want to Make A Difference? Find Your Passion

Do you use your talents, knowledge and passion to inspire and help others? Begin with gratitude. Reinvent yourself. Everyone can find their passion and do what they want to do. Whether it’s helping someone, inspiring people or making a difference in the lives of others, you can do it. Be grateful for what you have. Not for the material things, but the lessons learned in life, the adversity that made you grow stronger, and the continual falls that brought you to the road of success. I always dreamt of how I could make a difference but didn’t quite get it… Read more.

Open Your Eyes to Love

What I have experienced in my life has shown me that love is real, and that we are here on Earth to experience love in action through living our Vision of life. I am not referring to love as in the Cinderella story which requires one person to complete another. Rather I now have a clear awareness that love is a vibrational energy that transcends our lives from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Love starts with self. Learning to overcome one’s own self-blame, shame and guilt is the starting point to self-love. When I release negative thoughts and past regrets,… Read more.

Do what you do because it makes you happy. As long as you’re content with yourself, what can anyone do to hurt you?
There is a butterfly inside each one of us waiting to come out- the challenge is to recognize that truth with grace and in faith to experience the transformation.
Dive into the heart of God. Bathe in the refreshing, healing pool of God’s love, and absorb the radiant, healing rays of God’s light.
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