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How Can I Be Lucky in Life Too?

“I have a friend that always seems to be lucky. Things line up for her all the time. Anything she needs seems to show up in her life exactly when she needs it. It’s almost spooky. How can I get my life to work like that for me too?” ~ Paul, Martin City, MT Dear Paul, It sounds like your friend, whether she is consciously aware of it or not, is practicing the Law of Attraction. There is no good luck or bad luck. It is all attraction. Instead of focusing on what your friend has, focus on what you want… Read more.

How Can I Start Something New?

“I have a dream to move to the West Coast. Every time I try to follow my dream, I hear that little voice in the back of my head telling me that I can’t achieve this, and I stop making plans. How can I overcome my fears to act?” ~ Lynn, Tampa, FL Dear Lynn, Starting something new can seem overwhelming at first. The solution is to do three things: 1. Break your dream down into baby steps. For example, your steps might include researching different cities for lifestyle options and expenses, contacting friends who have experience living in different areas,… Read more.

ASK SARA: How Can I Help My Sensitive, Psychic Children?

“Hi Sara, God, my guides or my intuition guided me to my local library of St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Québec, Canada and to your book Votre Enfant Medium. I am currently reading your book with great interest and I am at chapter 10. My daughter Sophia, of 7 years old, regularly says to me (in French), “Dad I think I just did telepathy with you now since I was going to say the same thing you just said….” I naturally acknowledge that she is right! I reciprocate and state the same, when I am thinking of something or wanting to say something to her and she says it before… Read more.

How Can I Move Out of My Household’s Negative Energy?

“I have been living with my adult son, his wife, and my 2 grandchildren for 2 years now. I finally set boundaries regarding the expectation that I cook and do the laundry for a family of six in addition to providing babysitting and childcare help for my two granddaughters, ages 5 and 6. I am a 58 year old woman, divorced with two grown sons. Since I have set the limits, I am getting the silent treatment from my daughter in law. If I try to communicate, I get curt, short one word answers. I have overheard her yelling at… Read more.

How Can I Reconnect with My Higher Self?

“I can sense that my connection to my Higher Self is not fully open. Can you offer any insight as to what is causing this partial blockage and how to remove it?” ~ Su-Yin, San Francisco, CA Dear Su-Yin, As you focus on having a block, of course you make a vibrational match to having a block. In truth, you do not have a block at all. You simply have a limiting belief! Find 10 minutes, not more than 15 minutes a day to simply “be”. Release all awareness of your past and all focus on your future and instead Be… Read more.

Does Negative News Affect Me?

“I am so upset with all the news and violence today. I wonder if watching it created more of it? If we all watch the news and the sadness, are we in fact creating it? Is that why so many young people are killing others? They are saddened and feel no one cares and see the news of others killing themselves, so they think they should? Is media creating more sadness and violence…? Again, should I turn off my TV and not watch it, or is that a coward’s way out? I fear that all the people watching the tragedies… Read more.

How Can I Make My Business a Success?

“I lost my job and decided to start a business, only to learn how difficult it can be. How can I make my business a success?” ~ John, Campbell, CA Dear John, The first question to answer is: Why are you in business? Don’t accept your first answer. Question that answer and keep questioning your answers to get to the real truth. It will boil down to your desire of having a dream lifestyle. Now, take that lifestyle and define it as a S.M.A.R.T. goal. (Make it Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bound.) Visualize this goal daily, if not 10 times… Read more.

How Can I Find the Time to Meditate?

“I’ve heard that meditation and exercise will make my life work more smoothly, but I never find the time for this. How can I make this a priority?” First get clear on why you want to meditate or exercise. Your why is the fuel that keeps you moving forward when obstacles come in the way. If your children’s lives depended on you exercising, would you make time? Once you are clear on your why, here are a few tips that will help you increase your productivity and “make time” for mediation and exercise: Chunk your time into focused blocks where… Read more.

Why Do I Attract Violent People into My Life?

“Hi Sara, I recently discovered your work and have a strong feeling that this was not random luck. I’m a 48-year woman and I’m not able to move forward in my life. I have always been a loner, not able to connect with people. I had an unpleasant childhood with a dominant mother and 2 long-term relationships in which I experienced violence, both physical and emotional. I’m a very sensitive person, an introvert. I’m having a relationship right now, but I’m not able to connect with him, both physically and emotionally. My boyfriend is 15 years older. I have this… Read more.

How Do I Juggle Work, Life and Kids?

“Is it possible for women to have it all? I want a career and quality time with my family and kids, but I am worn out and exhausted.” ~ Christine, Scottsdale, AZ Dear Christine, Firstly, you are not alone. Secondly, the answer to your question is resounding YES! You can have it all, but it will come over time, not all at once. I developed a concept that addresses the exact question you are asking. It is called ego-RHYTHM®. There are 9 main ego-RHYTHMs including Family/Friends, Love/Relationship, Health, Transition, Career, and more. As you can imagine, it is challenging to… Read more.

7 Loving Ways to Improve Your Relationship with Your Spouse

“I want to improve the relationship with my wife, but I don’t know where to start. We’re best friends, but I want the spark back that we had 20 years ago. Do all relationships get to this point and is it unrealistic to think that passion can last forever?” It’s time to create romance by adding more “love languages” to your relationship! There are seven ways you show love to your mate. Get playful and start using them in unexpected ways. You’ll have a ball and she’ll be swept of her feet! 1. Words of Affirmation. Tell her what you… Read more.

How Can I Find More Time – Simply?

“I know we all have 24 hours each day, yet I’m always rushed and feel like I’m behind the 8 ball. How can I get ahead and actually create time to do the things that I feel I need and want to do?” ~ Lillian, Lafayette, CA We’re almost at that date when Marty McFly arrives in Back to the Future, so we might just be getting close to bending the space-time continuum. But… we’re not there yet, I’m afraid. 1. Ask yourself what you can do more efficiently. Sometimes this means cutting out some extra steps with a little planning…. Read more.

Can I Choose How to Feel?

“Sometimes I feel as if I’m being torn with all of my responsibilities. Between my job and family responsibilities, I have no time for “fun”. Some days I’m so overwhelmed I feel completely depressed and don’t know where to turn.” From an early age, we as human beings experience upsets wherein we make things up about ourselves, others and the world in general. These interpretations cause us to react emotionally to these upsetting challenges. Generally speaking, most people respond to such challenges with one of three predominant emotional reactions: anger, sadness, or fear. As life goes on, we become accustomed to… Read more.

How Can I Forgive Betrayal?

“Hi, how can I forgive an infidelity and betrayal by my partner of 30 years, who has since left me? It has been a year since she left and I still have strong emotions; shock, sorrow, anger, grief, confusion that will not go away. I think about her every day and at night. My partner is 72 years old, survived cancer 2x while we’ve been together and has been professing her love to me all these years; telling me she looked forward to our future together. (I am 10 years younger.) I need to forgive, for myself more than for… Read more.

How Does Karma Work In My Life?

“I am getting confused…. I thought that we agreed to have a human experience in order to learn certain lessons like compassion, self reliance, gratitude, etc… and if we have not learned these lessons in previous lives, we will need to keep trying to master them in future lives… but now I am being told that past karma has nothing to do with our lessons in our present lives? I guess another way of asking the question is – many people tell me that if you were a serial killer in this life, then you may be a Holocaust victim… Read more.

How Do I Find My Purpose?

“How can you begin to uncover your life purpose?” ~ Karrin, Milton Keynes Our life purpose is at the core of who we are and many times it manifests itself in places that we least expect. Let me share three places to help you begin to examine, learn, and potentially uncover your life purpose. 1. Peak Experience: Consider your peak experience in life so far. What took place? What were you doing? Who were you being? What made it a peak experience for you? In this experience, signs of your life purpose may exist. Get curious about what happened. What… Read more.

How Can I Be More Confident?

“How can I be more confident in life and the future?” ~ Gwen, Grenoble, France Confidence is an inside-out issue, meaning that it first must come from within, before it can be truly expressed on the outside. First, discover the areas of life in which you are not confident. Start by taking note of what things you do not have confidence about. For example, many people are not confident in speaking their opinions, and others do not feel confident in their appearance, etc. Write down a list of specific qualities that you would like to feel more confident about. Once… Read more.

Why Am I So Alone?

“Why do I always feel lonely? Everyone underestimates me, but I am here for some purpose, I know…. But my silence keeps people from talking to me.” ~ Arun, Delhi, India Hello Arun, You are not alone. Loneliness is a universal human emotion, complex and unique to each individual. Loneliness is not necessarily about being alone, but more about the perception of being alone. Separation, isolation and loneliness are enormous challenges for any human being. These feelings can be devastating to physical and mental health. What causes separation, this profound feeling of loneliness and isolation that so many struggle with… Read more.

How Can I Let Go of Negative Thoughts?

“I am sad about my marriage of 40 years being over. I have tried so hard to save it but we are just on different vibrations. What do I do with my negative thoughts when they come up??” ~ Kathy Rose, Los Angeles, CA Firstly, Kathy, I would ask that you be loving and kind to yourself. Coming to this realization is not an easy one and I am sure it is not a decision you have taken lightly. Forgiveness of yourself and of your spouse is helpful. Knowing that you have tried and you are both taking the best… Read more.

How Can I Stop Being Depressed?

“What is the spiritual solution for persistent depression that has been longstanding and difficult to understand in terms of why it is present?” ~ Lulu, Cape Coral, FL Dear Lulu, Depression plagues many individuals. I resist cookie-cutter responses because there can be multiple factors contributing to the problem: situational, medical / chemical, and, of course underlying these, karmic. It does no one any good to ponder the causative “why” of depression because that is effectively crystal ball gazing in hopes that a response will provide relief. It won’t. Unless one is a genuine master able to identify specific karmic origins, none can… Read more.

Ask Sara: My Fiancé is Grieving… Can This Relationship Work?

“Hi Sara, I discovered you through DailyOM, which I read almost daily. I feel very stuck at the moment and I’m not sure if it’s due from my relationship uncertainty or just the fact I need more purpose in my life, but I am taking it out on my fiancé instead. I met him three and a half years ago. His wife had died a year and a half before. The family did not accept me at first and probably kept thinking this would pass and he would move on to the next. We fell in love quickly and have… Read more.

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