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How Can I Let Go of My Stuff?

“How can I take steps to let go of my stuff?” ~ Pam, Dover, NH Hello Pam, This is a great question and one that needs to be on all of our minds. The power of “letting go” is universal and is at the center of all great wisdom teachings. And it is more critical today then ever. We have become a society of “closet hoarders.” We’re looking for meaning in “more.” Why? Because our culture continually “sells” us this lie. It is pounded into our mind from the day we are born and so we go about our lives… Read more.

How Can I Improve My Relationship?

“Why does my relationship with my partner feel like a mother/child relationship? I see this with a number of my friends as well. It’s as if our men are insecure or not feeling empowered?? Is there something we women can do (or not do) on our end to remedy this or is it another one of those things that ‘will never change’?” ~ Rachel Dear Rachel, We have been asked about the “mother-child relationship” in couples before. Some men report feeling that over time, they do not experience their female partner as sweet, loving, affectionate, and nurturing as she was… Read more.

How Can I Reach My Potential?

“I think it’s truly a tragedy that the majority of people (myself included) never fulfill their potential and live the life they truly want. What is the #1 cause of mediocrity and unfulfilled potential and how can someone overcome it?” ~ Beth Dear Beth, The #1 cause of unfulfilled potential is never deciding that NOW matters more than any other time in your life, and thinking that there is always “someday” to fulfill your potential and improve your life. The reality is that what you’re doing and who you’re being TODAY is determining your future. So, you must sit down, unplug,… Read more.

How Do I Handle the Cruelty of Other People?

“Sometimes I feel like I’m carrying the pain of the world in my heart. How can people be so mean to one another and what can I do to lighten my load?” ~ Courtney Dear Courtney, For those gifted with high empathy levels, the world can seem like a barrage of emotions, constantly crashing down like meteors onto the moon. But unlike the moon, we have a way of coping with the emotional-energy missiles we encounter. In our default state, humans are essentially emotional mirrors; we take on, and reflect back, whatever is sent our way. But we are not inanimate… Read more.

How Can I Move On?

“Recently I lost my wife to cancer. It’s been a month and I still cry myself to sleep every night. I don’t know how to get over this loss and get back to living. I don’t know that I can go on without him. Help!” ~ William, Green Bay, WI Dear William, Your wife would certainly want to be valued, but she would also want you to have a warm, loving, joyous life. Be kind to yourself. Focus on tiny little improvements every day. Every time you start to feel sad, focus on one of your happiest times with your… Read more.

Can I Make More Time?

“I feel like I’m being pulled in 10 directions at the same time, every day. How can I find the time to keep everyone happy, including me?” ~ Denise, St. Albans, UK Dear Denise, My biggest accomplishment is that I’ve learned to S-T-R–E–T–C-H out time! 🙂 But seriously… I’ve mastered a trick that gets me a few extra hours every day (and you can learn it too). It’s the only way I can juggle my professional duties as a surgeon, family responsibilities, managing a non-profit foundation, writing content for my websites, and more. What’s the trick? FOCUS. When I’m operating, my… Read more.

How Can I Align Myself With What I Want?

“I would love to receive some guidance around getting more into vibrational alignment with what it is I want. I know what I want, but I feel there are so many distractions and I am not always doing everything to help me more toward what I want… slipping back into old habits, too much mind activity-mind clutter, and overall feeling a bit overwhelmed at times. I have tried to slow a bit and take some things off my plate so I don’t have this mental list of to do’s and my daily race against the clock to get things done…. Read more.

How Can I Have More Energy?

“I am a procrastinator, sleepy, always tired, and I am 20. How can I end this permanently?” ~ Tina, Baltimore Dear Tina, I think we can all identify with being sleepy and tired, and with procrastination. Kudos to you in advance for reaching out for help. Being sleepy and tired can be symptoms of an underlying problem, so have your health checked with a professional. That being said, I’ve found the following things to be of great help to creating unlimited energy. Get 7-8 hours of restful sleep each night. Insomniacs, use lavender oil! Start and end the day with gratitude,… Read more.

How Can I Handle My Kids?

“My kids are driving me crazy. How can I get them to do what I want them to do, when I need them to do it?” Your kids are seeking appreciation, validation, and security, just as we all do. You get whatever you are prepared to give so get yourself into a collaborative frame of mind. 1. Identify what needs to be done. What are the responsibilities or tasks that your child must complete? Help your child understand the long term value of this project. For example, they are developing problem-solving skills, collaboration skills, research skills, computer skills, and identifying… Read more.

How Do I Live From the Heart?

“How can I move from being in my head to coming from my heart?” ~ Tina, Glenside What a fantastic question! And I’ve found that the answer to it has let me to discover the gateway to transformation, healing, and tremendous breakthroughs. The best way I’ve found to move from my head into my heart is to use meditation. When we are “in our heads” it’s almost like our thoughts are thinking us, rather than us choosing which thoughts to think! We have an extraordinary amount of ideas, things to do, worries, and wonders all rolling around in our minds… Read more.

Is This Friendship Over?

“I have a question I’d really like to know your thoughts on. I have a friend named Daniel. We recently had a falling out. I was tired of him holding back and I felt like I was always the one giving and getting nothing in return. Some harsh things were said by both of us. I’d really like to know how he is feeling. Can this be repaired? I already reached out, but he’s not responding. I wonder if he even cares to have me as a friend. Thanks so much.”  ~ Pam Hi Pam, The relationship is over, and… Read more.

How Do I Find My Mission?

“How do I find my mission in life?” ~ Blanca, Denver Your mission will find you, rather than you searching for your mission. In my case, my mission after graduating from college was to have and raise my children while working. It was my top priority during that time, and I was happy taking care of them. But as they got older, I knew there was something else for me. I took a family trip to Greece, which changed my life significantly and when I arrived home, I connected to a new desire—to be a writer. I’ve always love to… Read more.

How Do I Both Save My New Marriage and Be a Good Parent?

“My daughter (18) asked to move in with me and her step mom (my second marriage) for a week or two. Instead she moved in indefinitely with all her belongings after arguing with her mom. She is in college but goes out ’til the early AM and has been a little nasty. But in general a good girl. I have to communicate with her mom often to discuss my daughter’s situation. I suspect drug use and alcohol. “My current wife cannot take all of this, and feels very uncomfortable now at home and with our relationship. I was married 15… Read more.

How Do I Find My Purpose – Not My Job?

“My life has been quite the journey. Oh, if one could only see what lies behind that statement! I have learned that my life is my choice and I choose to live in today. I practice gratitude daily. I choose my thoughts, taking captive those that are not healthy and promptly discarding them. I choose to envision my relationships as healthy, happy, and secure. I choose to envision my life as fulfilled, complete, successful and prosperous. With all that said, I find myself in a job – that’s right, a JOB – NOT my life’s purpose! My heart yearns to… Read more.

How Can I Let Go of Past Loss?

“How can I shed negative, debilitating memories of a job loss many years ago? These memories and thoughts affect me today.” ~ Craig, Johannesburg, South Africa Dear Craig: Thank you for reaching out for insights into ways to release the hold the past has on you so that you can move forward. That tells me that you know it is possible. Good sign! One thing I would ask is that you consider the context of the job loss. Was it as a result of actions or inactions on your part or something over which you felt you had no control?… Read more.

How Do I Deal With Negative People?

“I have reached a high level of spiritualism in the past 3 years. I find it difficult to interact with family and friends. They don’t seem to understand me. Their negativity makes me almost physically ill. I find myself enjoying just being alone. Not sure if that is good or not but I am extremely happy. Do others have the same issues?” ~  PJ, Parma Being alone is a very important part of the spiritual journey. In an overly noisy world it’s difficult to find the quiet necessary to cultivate inner perception, and solitude is one way to do that. The… Read more.

Can My Thoughts Heal My Body?

“I have a chronic disease and want to be healthy. I have heard that my thoughts can control my life so I should be able to heal myself. How can I heal myself if I don’t have the energy to get out of bed?” ~ Elese, Paris, France Dear Elese, Healing chronic disease is a dual process… body and mind, physical and mental. Take one step at a time. Take charge of inflammation by utilizing a strict anti-inflammatory diet. Your body knows when you cheat! Eliminate foods to which you are allergic or sensitive. Consider strenuously limiting or omitting sugar and… Read more.

How Can I Stay in the Now?

“How can I stay present in the now when the world keeps pulling me into one drama after the next?” ~ Krishna, Amherst, MA First off, know that you cannot get pulled out of the Now. Even drama happens now. If you do not believe me, try getting out of the now. You will find that you can think about the past and the future but that only happens now. Life only happens now! If you find that feelings or drama is disturbing your peace in this moment, I would allow yourself to do the following: First off, allow yourself to… Read more.

Am I Making a Difference in the World?

“I want to make a difference in the world, but I don’t know how.” ~ Kristin, Des Moines, IA Dear Kristin, You already are the difference in the world. Literally, you being here at this time, in this place, is making a difference. Embrace that about you and learn to love and appreciate everything about this wonderful life you experience. Doing so will open your mind and fill your life with so many opportunities and experiences that you won’t be able to do it all! Stop worrying about making a difference and start embracing your existence. The world would not… Read more.

How Can I Control My Kids’ Backtalk?

“I’m sick and tired of my kids’ mouthing off at me. How can I control my kids’ backtalk?” ~ Michael, Nashville, TN Backtalk is certainly something you don’t want to hear from your kids. It’s a surefire way to push most parents’ buttons! But can you control your children’s backtalk? I don’t think so. They ultimately control what words come out of their mouths. However, you can control your reaction to whatever they say. How you react will increase or decrease the likelihood that they will use backtalk in the future. For example, when your child uses backtalk, you might… Read more.

What Is Our Collective Purpose?

“I feel like most of the people I know are struggling to find their purpose in life. What do you think is our collective ‘soul’s mission’ in our world right now?” ~ Arie, Toronto, ON I believe that as we come into this new era, we are all being called to truly live in our “real truths”, which is that we are all divine light here to be love, to unite and to help each other learn and grow in our soul’s progressions here on earth. We are being called to be peaceful warriors and to light the way so… Read more.

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