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How Do I Find the Courage to Quit?

“I really need to quit my job but have a family to support. The biggest obstacle is money and time. Can you please provide any tips on courage and taking the business leap?” ~ Erick, Henderson, NV For starters, you could start a side business and keep working until the side business generates enough income to quit. That is what I did when I first quit my job. Fear often replaces courage when we become overwhelmed by the monumental nature of the task ahead, like “how am I going to build a business with enough income to support my family.”… Read more.

Why Am I See-Sawing Emotionally?

“Sometimes I feel so excited about the things I’ve got going on in my life, but then, that all goes away, and I just can’t manage to get into any of it. I almost feel manic-depressive. Is that normal?” ~ Riley, Fayetteville, AR Everything goes in cycles. We see this everywhere in life, and we are generally happily accept it — outside of our own selves. But we have to realize that we are not immune to the cycles of energy and growth. Daily life is like swinging: when we are flying forward it feels exhilarating, wholly empowering. We love… Read more.

How Can I Manage My Teenagers?

“I used to think I was a great parent, before my 3 kids became teenagers. There are days when I don’t know who these kids are, and I’m embarrassed to admit that some days I wish I’d never had children…. Suggestions?” ~ Marie, El Paso, TX Hey, I get it. I am a mom of two myself and there are days when I wish I was living alone again. But it is the resistance and the non-acceptance of the situation that makes it worse for us. We do have to accept that we are parents and we made this decision to do… Read more.

Is It Possible to Control My Thoughts In the Moment?

“I have been reading the Power of Now and rereading A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle. So much of what he says resonates with me. I have been trying to apply many of the principles. Because I tend to live so much in my head, it’s not an easy task to quiet my mind or simple just observe my thoughts. However, I am working on it 🙂 The most challenging part for me is with my kids. I try hard not to react but instead respond. When I set this intent, it works for a little while but then I… Read more.

How Can I Remember I’m Valued?

“What can I do to value myself in those times when I don’t feel like I am valuable and/or valued?” ~ Quinn, Baltimore, MD First, remember to be kind to yourself and know that it is part of our humanness to feel sadness, frustration, and, at times, less than. You are not wrong for what you feel. During the times you don’t feel valuable and/or valued, shift your awareness onto all that you have and all that you are. Give thanks for the opportunity to learn and grow from the challenges you face. Find gratitude in the existence of being,… Read more.

How Can I Calm My Mind in Meditation?

“I struggle with meditation, my mind is always going.  How can I get to that place where I have no thoughts?” ~ Martin, Tulsa, OK   Forget about stopping your mind and all those racing thoughts.  For me, my meditation practice serves the magical purpose of celebrating my life.  It is the opportunity for me to get fully present with the 60 trillion+ cells twinkling inside of me and simply be with my breath. Instead of trying to shut your thoughts off, distract or entertain your mind in a positive way by giving it a technique to focus on. For… Read more.

Unlucky in Love? Check Your Belief System

“I’m in my mid 50’s and always keep my eyes out for someone to love but never find anyone. In my mid 20’s I was engaged to a really great guy. We would have married but between the Church and families and moving our plans just got derailed. After that I thought I was in love a few times but they really didn’t love me. They just didn’t. In 1998 I adopted a daughter on my own because I desperately wanted children. She is the love of my life. But I really wanted a whole family. So in 2000 I… Read more.

Does the Abundance Theory Really Work?

“Okay all. I’ve been known at times as the “glass is half full person”, but the theory of abundance isn’t saving the Arctic, or the homeless, or the abused. I’m not a hand wringer, though. I put out my voice, take action, and share and donate time and money. I wonder how many of these new age philosophers, pulled themselves up or luckily had access to education or seed money for businesses. There’s a major piece of compassion missing here for everyone who doesn’t believe in new age spiritualism. Is their lack of belief justification for homelessness, being downsized, no… Read more.

Can Gratitude Come Naturally?

“My thoughts of joy and peace are fleeting. Usually I am thinking and thinking. Unable to stop and smell the flowers. Although I do work on feeling grateful. Do you think it will start to come naturally?” ~ Linda Linda, any time we start a new practice, it takes a bit of time before it becomes a natural process. Our brain is literally wired the way it is because of the thoughts and  habits that we have formed in our past. The good news is, we can rewire it at any time simply by consciously changing the way we think…. Read more.

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