A lifelong movie fan and longtime student of metaphysics, Brent Marchant is the author of  Get the Picture: Conscious Creation Goes to the Movies and Consciously Created Cinema: The Movie Lover's Guide to the Law of Attraction, both of which provide a reader-friendly look at how the practice of conscious creation (also known as the law of attraction) is illustrated through film. Facebook pages dedicated to these titles are available by clicking here and here. Brent is also working on the development of several additional new writing projects.

Brent maintains an ongoing blog about metaphysical cinema and other self-empowerment topics. He is also a Featured Contributor, Arts & Entertainment, for VividLife magazine. His additional writing credits include contributions to Smart Women's Empowerment, Library Journal, New Age News, BeliefNet and Master Heart Magazine. He’s a frequent guest on various internet and broadcast radio shows, as well as a regular presenter at conscious creation conferences. To see a YouTube video preview of his book Consciously Created Cinemaclick here.

Brent holds a B.A. in magazine journalism and history from Syracuse University and resides in Chicago. You can email Brent at info@brentmarchant.com.

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Let the Movies Teach You

The life we live is the life we each create for ourselves. So, if we want that life to be the one that we crave, then we had better pay attention to what we bring into being! As a practitioner of conscious creation (sometimes called the law of attraction), I've come to understand that the reality we experience arises from within each of us, based on the beliefs, thoughts and intents that we hold. So, to materialize the reality we want, we must pay attention to what we're thinking and feeling in the first place. And, to achieve the results…

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