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I made the most life-changing discovery of my life when I was 20 years old. I began to realize to fully grasp the fact that our thoughts and emotions are physical in the universe. I began to realize that time and time again, the thoughts and emotions that I was experiencing the most frequently were directly dictating how my life played out before me. When I made this realization, I had the “AH-HA” moment that I had complete control over how my life would transpire until I left this consciousness.

It was one thing to understand this on an intellectual level, on the other hand it has taken me another four years to truly start to be able to manifest the life I desire on the physical plane. I don’t know if I will ever completely master the skill of manifestation, but there have been a few principles that I try to live by that have been incredibly helpful for helping me make quantum leaps of progress in my life.

One, I spend at least 5 minutes every day programming my subconscious mind with meditation. That means I sit down, close my eyes and do nothing but visualize and experience what my life is like when every area of my life is a 10/10 experience. Everything from finances to relationships to health and so on. Since I began doing this, I have noticed enormous shifts in what I attract into my life.

Two, I try to stay as high energy and charismatic as possible. When you’re high energy, you’re almost always happy, so if you can get that energy high then you’ve gone a long way in ensuring a better quality of life. Your ability to be charismatic goes hand in hand with having high energy and it directly effects your ability to relate to people. I believe that the quality of our life can always be tracked back to the quality of our relationships. Being charismatic has be incredibly helpful for fostering healthy and happy relationships with everyone in your life.

Three, I try to do something to stretch myself everyday to get myself comfortable being uncomfortable. Be it asking a young lady on a date, challenging myself physically, giving a public speech, breaking the silence in the elevator, or something more ambitious like making an important business decision that takes guts. I believe we need to constantly be pushing ourselves to get uncomfortable, because that’s where growth happens and that’s where inspiration occurs.

Finally, I try to love openly and without any limits. I believe we are loving creatures and we should not be ashamed to love a stranger. We are all one and we are all so similar. If you can love fully everyday you are going to attract back more love in your own life. The old saying, the more love you give – the more love you receive most definitely holds true here.

These are my words of wisdom at 24 years old. I know they may change as I grow older, but right now I believe these are profoundly powerful principles to live by that anyone can incorporate into their own life to create more wealth, health and happiness.

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Brandon Epstein is a health and performance coach with a mission to help entrepreneurs have more energy, create the body they desire and experience more satisfaction from their work and personal lives.

Brandon's journey to becoming an elite entrepreneur fitness coach went a little like this: college football, professional fitness model, entrepreneur, appreneur with 60+ health/fitness apps. Along the way he has learned various modalities that include brainwave training, NLP, EFT, energy training with chakras and meridians and much more. Brandon uses these modalities to help people optimize their performance and fulfill their peak potential.

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  1. Thanks for your great advice! And I think it’s awesome that you’ve come to these understandings at such a young age.
    Posting this comment is actually getting me out of my “comfort zone”. I also believe that doing uncomfortable things is a great way to grow and learn more about ourselves.

  2. Thank you Brandon for putting so simply into words and a few short paragraphs what a lot of Speakers are creating whole Tele seminars on. I finally came to a place of realizing there is only so much you can listen to and learn from others,but nothing changes until we put it into action. Since I have been deleting the constant emails on the next webinairs and doing as you just so eloquently stated I have noticed what I am up to has shifted my daily life. I have been asking the question upon Awakening each Morning:”What would an Infinite Being Do?” As that is ultimately who we All are. It seems to have eliminated any fear of doing anything that I previously felt I needed to build myself up towards. Thank you for being visible with your Presence, and yes especially at such a young age. Namaste, Rose.

    1. Love it Rose. I couldn’t agree more. Understanding how connected we all are with one another really allows us to let go of the fear that holds so many of us back from being who we really want to be.

  3. That’s awesome Brandon, and at a young age. I discovered these principles, I had to look inside of whom I thought I was, and grow from there. I was 39. Now older, and wiser. With a lot more work.
    Lots of love

  4. by ‘programming your sub conscious mind’ you possibly risk, in my humble opinion, disrespecting the fine line/distinction between the ‘the conscious and unconscious aspect

  5. Truly Inspiring and i particularly like the idea of imagining life the way you want it to be and the capacity to initiate a talk or a dialogue with a stranger.

  6. This short but powerful assay was very profound. I am 20 years your elder and was inspired to learn from you what it has taken me until now to understand. Keep Inspiring!Thank you!

  7. I am impressed with what you wrote and the fact that you are 24 years young. My son is turning 24 this year and I have forwarded this to him. There are some similarities as he is a personal trainer/fitness coach training athletes and working with sports injuries. He studies kiniesology.

  8. Your wisdom in creating a wonderful and quality life is far beyond your years. I, now, at 54 years has only gained this wisdom. Thank you for sharing.

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