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Inspiration By The Dozen… 12 Thoughts On Life

Share that which you know to be most important. Seize opportunities to pass on knowledge. Enable others to find and utilize their own gifts.

If you can get eggs, red roses, or doughnuts by the dozen . . . why not get something as uplifting as inspiration imparted that way? Here are my 12 thoughts on living life fully:

  1. It costs nothing to give a compliment or a smile to a friend or even a stranger. Indulge in these acts often. Never have I felt that a kind word was wasted; however, a negative thought or utterance can carry on indefinitely.
  2. Forgiveness is a difficult thing to embrace and yet there is great strength in surrendering to it. Uncomfortable and wrong things will happen in your life. By forgiving the person or the injustice that occurred, you can lessen the effect of the hurt that has been imposed on you.
  3. Mentoring and teaching others can be reciprocal; it is amazing how much you can learn from those you guide. The greatest leaders and teachers empower others. Listen to those you lead because they may have invaluable insights to impart.
  4. Parenting is a beautiful gift. Unwrap it as often as you can and delight in the minutes, hours, days, and years. Remember that you, your children (if you have them), and others you love are the youngest you will ever be . . . ever again . . . today! Enjoy your “youth” and theirs by engaging fully in the important moments.
  5. Dream big but be willing to back it up with research and hard work. Many a dream ended at the daybreak because the person didn’t heed the need for organization, action plans, and following through. Rub the sleepy dust out of your eyes, visualize what you want to accomplish, determine the steps, and make your dreams a reality!
  6. You are blessed not only by your abilities but also by knowing your needs. If you know what you can improve upon and can find others to help you fill in the gaps, you are one step closer to personal success.
  7. Find your ally in your mirror. Trust your instincts. Don’t doubt yourself. Respect who you are and what you have to offer for the world!
  8. People will cherish who you truly are. Don’t strive to be a copy of someone else. Be the real you.
  9. Challenges can be either draining or uplifting depending on the lens through which you view them.
  10. Determine a charitable cause that is near to your heart. You won’t regret giving of your time, money, energy, or talent. You can make a profound difference.
  11. A whisper in your head that urges you to take action can be turned into a goal . . . Simply attach a deadline!
  12. Strive not for perfection in your life, instead work towards a legacy that will have a positive impact on others.
Dr. Shellie Hipsky

Dr. Shellie Hipsky inspires internationally with her personal life story and the stories of the amazing people in her fifth book Ordinary People Extraordinary Planet that comes out this fall. Hipsky makes a profound difference in the lives of her audience members, mentees, and readers.

She has written over 100 articles, won a prestigious volunteering award for her work with The Homeless Children's Education Fund, and is renowned locally for her acting/singing talents. She has been invited to present at international conferences, at the University of Oxford in England, and will be speaking to over a thousand people at Pepperdine University in the fall. As an Associate Professor in Education, she can speak to children's needs (including disabilities), mentoring, and tell true-life stories from the heart based on personal experience and her books.

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  1. I live in Malibu….will you be speaking at Pepperdine University there? If so when?
    Thank you for this information. I would love to hear what you are doing with the homeless, as that is a major concern of mine here where I live. People think only the wealthy live in Malibu…not true…Julieann Johnson

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