If you want your life to be different, you must do something different.

Whenever you face problems in life and work, there will always be an element of fear. Everyone has fears. Everyone has obstacles. You have to act on your fears in spite of your obstacles. This is courage. You cannot change, grow or progress without courage.

You may have fewer opportunities to fail by not taking risks, but the negative energy from being stuck, unhappy and complacent surely outweighs the feelings of happiness. Live courageously and feel your “can-do, will-do” exhilarating attitude.

When you honestly want something, you will find your courage and take action. If you want good things to happen for you, then make wise choices for yourself regardless of your fears and obstacles.

You have to persevere regardless of what others may think or say about you. You cannot let others’ false assumptions and insecure judgments stop you from supporting your core beliefs and pursuing your dreams.

Realize that as you grow and move forward with your life, some of your friends and acquaintances will feel threatened and respond in unfavorable ways by dismissing you with reactions like, “Oh, you’re too good for us now.” It’s not that you became too good for others, but rather, that you just discovered new ways of living that make you happy. You may have outgrown each other and perhaps, the relationship was not as genuine as you once thought.

Or you may get reactions like, “You’re crazy! You’ll never do it! It can’t be done!” They are dealing with their own fears and negative thoughts. They will make you second-guess your efforts. Don’t let them!

If you spend energy trying to please and seek approval from everyone, you will be wasting energy that could be used to bring you success and happiness. The more diverse experiences and friends you have, the richer and healthier your life is.

Find and learn from someone who demonstrates the traits you desire to cultivate within yourself. It takes courage to find people who already have obtained the traits you desire. This realization makes you acknowledge that you are not perfect and that you have room for improvement. That’s okay. We all have room for improvement.

Since people tend to hang around those who are similar to themselves, your traits will begin to evolve like theirs. Having people around you who provide support and mentorship, will help you build your confidence and “can-do, will-do” attitude. When you surround yourself with people who bring out the best, your experiences are richer.

Sometimes, you end up creating what you fear most; without even being consciously aware, because your thinking influences your daily decision making. With each decision you make, you affect your future. If you tend to be wishy-washy and delay your decision making, you cannot expect much to be different in a timely manner.

The only way to know if a certain result will occur is actually to try. The next time you need a shot of courage, say to yourself, “I am worth it.” Then, take action!

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Nancy Stampahar is an inspirational catalyst for change. With a high school dropout past, to earning her BSBA college degree, Nancy knows what it what it takes to cook up a good life! An award-winning author and creator of high-energy videos that aired on The Rachael Ray Show and Oprah’s OWN network, Nancy’s most recent creation is the first empowerment-cooking show, Life in Nancy’s Kitchen, which will air on MCA-TV in 2014. Her new delicious, motivational video Life Cooks! is feeding souls and nourishing lives.

Nancy’s authentic and enthusiastic personality makes her one of today’s most dynamic women motivational speakers and workshop facilitators. With over 15 years public speaking, consulting and training experience, her professional knowledge, personal wisdom and zest for life have helped thousands of people achieve positive results. Nancy genuinely cares about empowering people to live great lives. Her personal life of volunteerism and love for her late mentally-challenged brother fills her heart and touches the lives of those in need of compassion and love.

For more information, please visit lifeinnancyskitchen.com

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