Use The Astonishing Power of Kindness


If I could share 500 words to inspire, this is the important wisdom I'd want to pass along to others...

  • 1. Think kind thoughts about yourself and others.
    2. Speak kind words about yourself and others.
    3. Act in kind ways toward yourself, others and the earth.

    Developing a “kindness consciousness” is one of the most powerful ways to get out of our analytical, “it’s all about me” mindset and into our true nature, which is joy and love. When we are projecting the qualities of love, kindness and compassion, we immediately disconnect from the egotistical self, which creates most of our unhappiness in life.

    If this seems unrealistic, simply try it for yourself. Think, speak or act kindly and feel depressed in the same moment. I have yet to find one person who can radiate sincere kindness and experience emotional misery at the same time. Personally speaking, I have found this magic formula to be the antidote to depression, fear, anxiety, anger, resentment, being judgmental and all other negative emotions.

    So how is this possible? It’s actually quite simple; authentic happiness in life resides in the heart… not in the head. The rollercoaster ride of human emotions is simply the result of an ongoing inner dialog between the head and the heart. An unkind mind creates problems, but the heart can always solve them. The mind often says, “I need this – I want that – and what’s in it for me?”

    The heart (aka your spirit, essence, divine self) has a totally different perspective. This part of you says; “I care about you – how may I serve you, and…I expect nothing in return.” Unconditional love and kindness is why the greatest spiritual teachers to ever walk this earth were filled with tremendous joy and peace. Their focus was solely on giving rather than getting.

    I encourage you to discover this life-changing power for yourself. Over the next 24 hours make it your intention to only think, speak and act from your heart. Do this for a full day and watch your positive energy explode!

    One of the quickest ways to accomplish this is by performing spontaneous acts of kindness. Offer a free cup of coffee to a stranger – pay the highway toll for the person behind you – give your place in line at the grocery store to a mother with an impatient child or simply let people out in traffic while driving home from work.

    The opportunities to be kind are endless. Practice this each day and not only will you create happiness for yourself and others, but you will also become a powerful force for creating a more loving and compassionate world.

    Kindness. It almost seems too simple. Could changing your life and the world really be that easy?

    As a matter of fact…yes it is.

    Michael Chase

    Affectionately known as “The Kindness Guy,” Michael J. Chase is a bestselling author, inspirational speaker and one of today’s most powerful voices for creating a kinder world. In 2007 he founded The Kindness Center, and is now considered an expert on the subjects of kindness and positive behavior. As a world-renowned leader in personal and spiritual development, Michael reveals how each of us plays a critical role in healing our planet. In addition to teaching the importance of humankind-ness, he offers proof that within our challenges lie great opportunities for growth and service toward others. Despite a family history of substance abuse, violence, depression, and suicide, Michael chose a different path, spreading positive energy throughout the world. Whether presenting in a classroom, boardroom, or on stage in front of thousands, his message of hope impacts countless lives each year. In 2010, Michael joined the Hay House speaking roster, which includes self-empowerment legends Louise L. Hay, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Cheryl Richardson, Dr. Christiane Northrup, Marianne Williamson and many more. He has since been a main presenter at Hay House conferences throughout the US and Canada. Michael’s work is not aligned with any particular religion or belief system. All teachings are based on the universal language of kindness, which embraces all and excludes none. When he’s not traveling, Michael spends his time in southern Maine with his loving wife, son, and four-legged best friend, Mollie.

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