A'Mera Frieman

A'Mera Frieman earned a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and Criminal Justice from Dallas Baptist University in 2010. She created Breaking the Line Books small press to introduce an affordable and accessible publishing path for authors, poets, and illustrators. Currently, Frieman has published three books of her Victoria’s Journey series under the Breaking the Line Books brand: Breaking the Line: Victoria's Beginning, Victoria's Choice, and Joy.

She is also a motivational speaker and race relations and anti-bullying advocate working to bring awareness of racial tolerance and cultural respect to today's society. Frieman also created the Stopping the Madness Antibullying Foundation to advocate for parents, students, and communities affected by bullying after two of her children were affected by bullying.

Frieman gives credit to her family who encouraged and motivated her to achieve her dream of becoming an advocate, author, and small business owner. She enjoys spending time with her family, attending church, reading, cooking, singing, playing the clarinet in her church orchestra, and of course, writing. Currently, A'Mera lives in Garland, Texas with her husband, Zach, and her children Angelise, Austin, Alacea, Hunter, Andrew, and Ariane.

For more information, please visit breakingthelinebooks.com.

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The Light lives in all of us. It’s how you reflect that Light that defines your character. Let your Light shine!

Share Your Wisdom

If everyone shared the lessons and knowledge of their lives, we could learn so much from each other, and there would be more empathy and less strife. Here is the wisdom that I’ve gained in my thirty-seven years: The color of someone’s skin or their financial status shouldn’t define how they’re treated. Someone else’s religious beliefs shouldn’t offend you if your own faith is strong. It’s easy to let drama into your life but it’s harder to get rid of it. Don’t stress out if no one else has faith in you, just have faith in your God and that’s… Read more.