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Beate Chelette’s successes in business and in her consulting work have turned her into one of the most sought-after speakers and coaches in the country. Known for her tough love approach she inspires, motivates, and pushes her audiences --whether it’s speaking about leadership and team building, The Women’s Code, launching new businesses, or becoming an entrepreneur.

She delivers no-nonsense, practical, easy-to-implement strategies that help companies and clients not only increase their bottom line, but position themselves as industry leaders.

Through Women’s Code books, speaking, live events and coaching, her compassionate manner helps women achieve their dreams, peel away the doubts, discover who they actually are by helping them remove layers of stress and manage their responsibilities better. Only then can they rediscover their true, authentic happy self, regain their confidence and ultimately find their voice.

An entrepreneur herself, she successfully built and sold a photography licensing company to Bill Gates which made her a multi-millionaire. She currently is working on launching an e-book publishing company, a global media web content distribution service, and an online teaching and training program for photographers.

Beate doesn’t live by work alone. She plays as hard as she works and loves skiing, hiking, fine wine, good friends and weekend getaways (without her computer).

She lives in Los Angeles with her daughter Gina, whom she considers her greatest accomplishment.

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How Do I Juggle Work, Life and Kids?

“Is it possible for women to have it all? I want a career and quality time with my family and kids, but I am worn out and exhausted.” ~ Christine, Scottsdale, AZ Dear Christine, Firstly, you are not alone. Secondly, the answer to your question is resounding YES! You can have it all, but it will come over time, not all at once. I developed a concept that addresses the exact question you are asking. It is called ego-RHYTHM®. There are 9 main ego-RHYTHMs including Family/Friends, Love/Relationship, Health, Transition, Career, and more. As you can imagine, it is challenging to… Read more.

How to Live in the Rhythm of Life

To sum it up, I am a Woman Who Wants It All – and I firmly believe that I can get it, too. Nobody can tell me otherwise. “It is not possible!” How many times have I heard that! “You can’t have it all. It can’t be done, it’s been tried before and did not work.” The list of limitations goes on endlessly. Thank God I did not listen to them. I have a great daughter, am in a wonderful relationship, and love what I do. I am the American Dream. Every movement, every idea, starts with one person. If… Read more.